FBM42 FOXBORO Control Communication Converter Industry


FBM42 Module

Input voltage range (redundant): 26 to 42 V DC
Input channel status: 8 LEDs (1 per channel)
Plug connector block: 34 pin connector

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FBM41 FOXBORO Control Communication Converter Industry

The reliability of programmable controllers is very high, and they have complete self diagnosis functions. If a programmable controller malfunctions, the self diagnosis program can be used to easily locate the faulty parts and components. After replacement, normal operation can be restored.

A large number of engineering practices have shown that the failure rate of input and output components outside programmable controllers, such as limit switches, solenoid valves, contactors, etc., is much higher than that of the programmable controller itself. After these components fail, the programmable controller generally cannot detect them and will not automatically stop, which may expand the fault until the strong current protection device acts and stops, Sometimes it can even cause equipment and personal accidents. After shutdown, finding faults also takes a lot of time. In order to detect faults in a timely manner and automatically stop and alarm the programmable controller before accidents occur, and to facilitate fault diagnosis and improve maintenance efficiency, ladder diagram programs can be used to achieve self diagnosis and self processing of faults.

Modern programmable controllers have a large amount of software resources, such as the FX2N series programmable controllers, which have thousands of auxiliary relays, hundreds of timers, and counters, with considerable margin. These resources can be utilized for fault detection.


Model recommendation:
AO810V2 3BSE038415R1
AO810V2 eA
AO810V2-eA 3BSE038415R2
AO820 3BSE008546R1
AO820-eA 3BSE008546R2