FBM217 P0916PW Foxboro module



32 channel, contact sense
24 V dc contact wetting from FBM

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I/O terminal wiring
1. Input wiring
(1) The input wiring should generally not exceed 30 meters. But if the environmental interference is small and the voltage drop is not significant, the input wiring can be appropriately longer.
(2) The input/output lines cannot use the same cable, and the input/output lines should be separated.
(3) Try to connect to the input terminal in the form of normally open contacts as much as possible, so that the compiled ladder diagram is consistent with the relay schematic for easy reading.

Output connection
(1) The output terminal wiring is divided into independent output and common output. In different groups, different types and voltage levels of output voltages can be used. However, outputs in the same group can only use power supplies of the same type and voltage level.
(2) Due to the output components of the PLC being encapsulated on the printed circuit board and connected to the terminal board, if the load connecting the output components is short-circuited, it will burn out the printed circuit board. Therefore, fuse protection should be applied to the output components.
(3) When using a relay output, the size of the inductive load it bears will affect the service life of the relay. Therefore, when using an inductive load, the working life of the relay should be longer.

(4) The output load of the PLC may cause interference, so measures should be taken to control it, such as the protection of the DC output continuous current transistor, the resistance capacitance absorption circuit of the AC output, and the bypass resistance protection of the transistor and bidirectional thyristor output.

External safety circuit
In order to ensure the reliable operation of the entire system in a safe state and avoid significant economic losses and personal injury accidents caused by external power supply failures, PLC abnormalities, misoperation, and output errors, necessary protective circuits should be installed outside the PLC.
(1) Emergency stop circuit. For dangerous loads that can cause harm to users, in addition to considering them in the control program, external emergency shutdown circuits should also be designed to reliably cut off the power supply of the load that causes harm in the event of PLC failure. (2) Protection circuit. The control system for reversible operations such as forward and reverse operation should be equipped with external electrical interlock protection; The control system for reciprocating operation and lifting movement should be equipped with an external limit protection circuit.
(3) The programmable controller has self checking functions such as a monitoring timer. When an abnormality is detected, all outputs are turned off. But when the programmable controller CPU malfunctions, it cannot control the output. Therefore, for dangerous loads that can cause harm to users, in order to ensure that the equipment operates in a safe state, external circuits need to be designed for protection.
(4) Protection against power overload. If the PLC power supply fails and the interruption time is less than 10 seconds, the PLC operation will not be affected. If the power supply is interrupted for more than 10 seconds or the power supply drops beyond the allowable value, the PLC will stop working and all output points will be disconnected simultaneously; When the power is restored, if the RUN input is turned on, the operation will proceed automatically. Therefore, necessary current limiting protection circuits should be installed for input devices that are prone to overload.

(5) Alarm and protection for major faults. For places prone to major accidents, in order to ensure reliable alarm and protection of the control system in the event of a major accident, signals related to major faults should be output through external circuits to ensure that the control system operates in a safe condition.


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