F650BABF2G0LOSHE GE feeder protection device


The F650BABF2G0LOSHE unit contains a series of interconnected modules to perform protection and control functions.

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Before establishing the communication with a F650 unit through the front serial port, please ensure that the computer is grounded.
In case of using a laptop, it is recommended not to have it connected to its power supply. The reason for this is that in many cases it might not be correctly grounded either due to the power supply or to the connector cables used. This is required not only for personal protection, but also for avoiding a voltage difference between the relay serial port and the computer port, which could produce permanent damage either to the computer or the relay. GE Multilin will not be responsible for any damage in the relay or connected equipment whenever this elemental safety rule is not followed.

This platform of relays has been designed to meet the goals that are appearing nowadays in the environment of newsubstations.Historically, protection, control and metering functions have been performed by electromechanical elements at thebeginning, then static devices, and finally by digital equipment able to integrate all these functions in a single device, calledIED (Intelligent Electronic Device).These IEDs not only must be able to perform all functions related to system protection and control, but also, using highspeed communications, they must share information among them and send this information to control dispatch centers,thus reducing the quantity of auxiliary elements and wiring up to 70%.The F650 relay belongs to this new generation of devices, and can be easily incorporated in substation automationschemes.

Control Scheme of Cascade Control System
The purpose of this control system is to maintain a stable vaporization rate at the furnace outlet, thereby ensuring the quality of products inside the furnace. Maintaining a constant fuel oil pressure is not the goal, as the flow rate is allowed to change. As for when it changes, when it remains unchanged, and how much it changes, it depends on the need to control the vaporization rate. In this way, the differential pressure at the furnace outlet and fuel pressure need to be controlled in a cascade system. The F200A furnace measures the differential pressure value at the furnace outlet through a transmitter. Under normal operating conditions, the output value of the differential pressure controller is used as the given value of the pressure controller in the fuel oil cascade circuit, and also as the given value of the pressure controller in the fuel gas cascade circuit, forming a cascade control system for the pressure difference at the furnace outlet and the pressure of fuel oil and fuel gas.

Control Scheme for Single Loop Control System
In the design, for the feed flow control system, the flow controller is controlled based on the deviation between the measured value of the controlled object (i.e. feed flow) and the given value, and other interferences are relatively small. Therefore, a flow single loop control system can be directly selected. For the differential pressure control system of steam and fuel oil, a differential pressure single loop control system is also selected.