Emerson VE6041F01C1 DeltaV Intelligent Switch Configuration


Product name:Emerson VE6041F01C1 DeltaV Intelligent Switch Configuration

Product model: VE6041F01C1


The VE6046, VE6047, VE6048 and VE6053 DeltaV Smart Switches: 19” rack-mountable 8, 16, or 24 ports modular switch with wired and fiber connections and two gigabit wired or fiber uplinks (all ports in the VE6053 switch are gigabit).

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Completely Managed by DeltaV. Power up the switch and it is automatically discovered by the DeltaV switch commissioning application in the Network Device Command Center (formerly the Smart Switch Command Center). The network address is automatically assigned by DeltaV DCS or by the user when installed in the DeltaV 2.5 network (new in DeltaV v13.3).


Just provide a switch name, description, and select a few setup parameters and the switch begins reporting. No more serial connections are required to configure switches. Network alerts and diagnostics automatically reported to DeltaV workstations. Operators and maintenance stations will automatically receive device alerts indicating network communications irregularities. The DeltaV Network Device Command Center application provides the interface to diagnose and troubleshoot network problems. All built-in without the need for third party applications for network monitoring.


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Plug-and-play installation. Smart Switches are configured with DeltaV-compatible settings so that they can be installed into a compatible DeltaV network right out of the box. They require no user configuration to fully support DeltaV network communications. There is no user access to make changes to this default switching configuration so you never have to worry about a misconfigured switch impacting network performance.


Plug-and-play requires any existing switches or network devices to be configured to communicate in 100/1000 full duplex or to auto-negotiate. See the compatibility sections in this document for details. Auto lockdown prevents unauthorized network connections. Disabling unused network connections is a security “best practice” and helps you comply with plant security policies. With the one-click lockdown capability built into the switch, you can automatically lock all unused network ports in the system with a single button click in the DeltaV Network Device Command Center application.


Easy to secure the network from intrusions. In the latest firmware versions, the port lockdown algorithm has been enhanced to allow locking of multiple daisy-chained DeltaV nodes, as well as detecting new nodes within the dynamically determined uplink ports. You can also configure the switch to ignore the lockdown command on specific switch ports if that is required on your application.