Emerson VE4001S2T2B2 Full system modularity


Product name:Emerson VE4001S2T2B2 Full system modularity

Product model: VE4001S2T2B2


DeltaV autosenses redundant I/O, which greatly simplifies the task of adding redundancy to the system. The redundant pair of cards is treated as one card in the system tools.

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Full system modularity: The Traditional I/O subsystem was designed with your investment in mind. All components are fully modular and may be installable under power. You add I/O interface carriers and I/O interfaces in groups of 4, 8, 16, or 32 channels as you need them. The modular design enables you to purchase the exact amount of I/O cards, 8-wide or 4-wide carriers, power/ controllers, and 2-wide carriers you need and add more DeltaV I/O as your system grows.


Reduced system footprint: The DeltaV system’s state-of-theart form factor design of the I/O components enables you to mount the I/O interface carrier in a junction box in the field so you significantly reduce the footprint of your equipment and increase valuable control room space for other uses.


Installation: Save on wiring expenses by installing Classic Instrumentation in the field, near the actual field devices. Mounting the controller with the I/O further reduces your wiring expenditures by eliminating the need for long runs of multi-cores. The integrated design of the Traditional I/O subsystem can eliminate the need for marshalling panels. This saves you even more in your total capital costs. The provision of in-line fuses and bussed power saves on installation costs compared with external fuses and power distribution.


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Plug-and-play installation saves money: All Traditional I/O components plug into the I/O interface carrier. You can install the I/O interface carriers to manage anticipated growth and postpone the I/O interfaces until you’re ready to install your additional field devices.


Phased installation saves time: As soon as you mount the I/O interface carrier, you’re ready to begin installing the field devices. I/O terminal blocks plug directly onto the I/O interface carrier. There is no need to have the I/O cards installed.


Keys: Traditional I/O interfaces and terminal blocks have I/O function keys. These keys ensure that the correct I/O card is always plugged into the corresponding terminal block. It’s incredibly easy to use and gives you time to do more.


This design enables you to initially install Traditional I/O quickly and efficiently. When you need to replace an I/O card, the function key design ensures that you will always install it correctly. This keying system provides a safety measure by preventing the wrong I/O interface’s being installed.