Emerson VE3008 12P3439X012 KJ2003X1-BB1 DeltaV controller interface


Product name:Emerson VE3008 12P3439X012 KJ2003X1-BB1 DeltaV controller interface

Product model: VE3008 12P3439X012 KJ2003X1-BB1


The PROVOX I/O Controller Interface supports redundant Control I/O communications and connections to Control I/O and Distributed I/O. Distributed I/O is MUX I/O connected to the controller through the CP6601 serial buffer card.

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Provides an easy upgrade for PROVOX IFC, UOC, 20 Series, SR90 and SRx Controllers. You can easily upgrade your UOC, IFC, 20 Series, SR90 or SRx controller to a DeltaV controller, and continue to use PROVOX I/O by connecting it to the DeltaV controller carrier.


Maximizes investment in PROVOX I/O. Using your PROVOX I/O with a DeltaV controller maximizes your investment in PROVOX I/O, extending its useful life andsaving the cost of new I/O. Saves wiring costs. The DeltaV Controller Interface for PROVOX I/O enables you to greatly reduce wiring costs and shorten turnaround time, because you don’t have to re-wire field devices to new I/O. R


edundancy in controllers. Two DeltaV controllers and power supplies can be mounted on the carrier for full controller redundancy. Redundancy in Control I/O connections. The DeltaV Controller for PROVOX I/O carrier provides for redundant connections to Control and Distributed I/O files.

Retains I/O redundancy in Control I/O. The DeltaV Controller Interface for PROVOX I/O allows use of flexible redundancy arrangements possible with Control I/O, including 1:1 and 1:N card redundancy.


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The DeltaV Controller Interface for PROVOX I/O consists of a 19 inch rack mountable controller carrier, simplex or redundant DeltaV MD Plus, MQ or MX controllers with power supplies, and a PROVOX I/O Interface for each controller.


DeltaV MD Plus, MQ or MX Controller. Mount one DeltaV MD Plus controller (with DeltaV v7.2 or later firmware), MQ controller (with DeltaV v12.3 or later firmware) or MX controller (with DeltaV v10.3 or later firmware) on the carrier for a simplex installation. Munt two MD Plus, MQ or MX controllers for a redundant installation. MD Plus and MQ controllers can handle up to 750 DSTs, while MX controllers can handle up 1500 DSTs.