Emerson PMC-IO-ADAPTER PCI Local Bus Adapter


Product name:Emerson PMC-IO-ADAPTER PCI Local Bus Adapter

Product model: PMC-IO-ADAPTER


Principal capabilities of the PCI to PMC Adapter:

1、32 or 64 bit PCI bus compatibility

  • Universal keying to allow 3.3v or 5v signaling

3、33Mhz or 66Mhz PCI bus compatibility

4、Optional Rear I/O connectivity (including cabling)

5、Field-alterable configuration features

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To minimize the opportunity for accidental damage before installation, the board should be stored in the original protective shipping envelope. System power must be turned OFF before proceeding with the installation. After removing the board from the shipping envelope, position the PMC board with the standoffs facing the PCI to PMC Adapter, and with the I/O connector oriented toward the front panel.


Align the two PCI connectors, located at the end of the PMC board opposite the I/O connector, with the mating connectors on the PCI to PMC Adapter. Then carefully press the PMC board into position on the Adapter. Verify that the PCI connectors have mated completely and that the standoffs are seated against the host board. Attach the board to the adapter with four panhead screws. Pass the screws through the back of the Adapter into the four mounting holes on the board.


Tighten the screws carefully to complete the installation. Do not overtighten. 2.2.2 Rear I/O Connector Rear I/O (P5) pin assignments are listed in Figure 3.0-1. The I/O connector is designed to mate with a 68-pin dual-ribbon connector, equivalent to Robinson Nugent #P50E-068-S-TG. Contact the factory if preassembled cable is needed.


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The PCI to PMC Adapter provides a means of adapting a single wide PMC module to a shortlength PCI slot. The adapter is mechanically and electrically compatible with the IEEE PCI local bus specification Revision 2.3.