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The RS-485 interface is a standardized serial interface.

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SCADA systems (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) contain components for the control, analysis, monitoring, storage and administartion of the information flow between the systems of the field level and the management level of a company. This ensures the connection between the decentralized I/O units and the machine controls on the one hand and the office computers of the mangement level on the other.


Affected by the development of information technology (such as network communication technology, computer hardware technology, embedded system technology, fieldbus technology, various configuration software technologies, database technology, etc.), as well as the increasing demand for advanced control and management functions from users, various DCS manufacturers (represented by Honeywell, Emerson, Foxboro, Yokogawa, ABB) have successively improved the technical level of DCS systems and continuously enriched their content. It can be said that a new generation of DCS marked by Honeywell’s latest Experion PKS (Process Knowledge System), Emerson’s PlantWeb (Emerson Process Management), Foxboro’s A2, Yokogawa’s R3 (PRM Plant Resource Management System), and ABB’s Industrial IT system has been formed.

If we consider Foxboro’s I/A Series back then as a milestone in the third generation DCS system, then the latest DCS of the above companies can be classified as the fourth generation. The main symbol of the fourth generation DCS is the two words starting with “I”: Information and Integration.

Technical characteristics of the fourth generation DCS
The architecture of the fourth generation DCS is mainly divided into four layers: on-site instrument layer, control device unit layer, factory (workshop) layer, and enterprise management layer. Generally, DCS manufacturers mainly provide three layers of functionality in addition to the enterprise management layer, while the enterprise management layer connects to third-party management software platforms (ERP, CRM, SCM, etc.) by providing open database interfaces. So, today’s DCS mainly provides all control and management functions at the factory (workshop) level, and integrates information management functions across the entire enterprise.

DCS fully embodies informatization and integration
Information and integration basically describe the changes that are happening in DCS systems today. Users can already collect information and data from the entire factory workshop and process, but they hope that this large amount of data can be reflected in an appropriate way and help the decision-making process, so that users can obtain the truly needed data in a convenient place in a way they understand.
Informationization is reflected in the fact that each DCS system is no longer a control system primarily focused on control functions, but a comprehensive platform system that fully utilizes information management functions. DCS provides the entire information channel from site to equipment, from equipment to workshop, from workshop to factory, and from factory to enterprise group. These information fully reflect comprehensiveness, accuracy, real-time, and systematicity.


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