Container Integrated Energy Storage System – BESS100KW-215KWH


The highlights:
▪ 1 or 3 phase power supply
▪ Integrated network filter and bleeder
▪ 5 kW rated current / 10 kW peak current
▪ Direct current for up to 32 SCL-055
▪ Comprehensive diagnosis possibilities

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Preferred LFP Routing, Rigorous Safety Testing

■Efficient, Digital, Intelligent EMS System

■Easy transportation, installation and maintenance
■Hierarchical temperature control strategy from Design

■Modularied design, management and capacity core to container, industrial grade temperature

■0.5C Charge / Discharge Rate expansion control system

■Fault prediction, identification and rapid
■Allround electrical protection: high and low voltage separation, insulation testing, ground protection, localization lightning protection design.
■7mm thermal isolation between cores, insulated holder design.
■ Module built-in aerosol fire fighting measures, container intelligent warehouse level fire fighting prevention, hierarchical linkage,multi-layer protection
■Battery packs are connected with the PCS in series, elminating loop curent and ensuring safety. Higher safety.


Photovoltaic   parameters BESS100KW-215KWH
Maximum access power of photovoltaic 400KW
Rated Current 606A
Rated Input Voltage 3W+N+PE,     380/400w
Rated Frequency 50/60
AC  Parameters  (Grid-Connected)
Rated Output Power (kw) 500
Maximum Output Power (kw) 550
Rated grid voltage (V) 3W+N+PE,   380/400V
Grid Voltage Range -15%~+10%
Rated Grid Frequency(Hz) 50/60
Grid Frequency Range(Hz) ±2
Output Current Harmonics ≤3%(Rated   Power)
DC  Component <0.5% In
Power Factor -0.9~+0.9
Overload Capacity 105%】:Running  Continuously,[105%~120%]:10  mins,

120%):Stop   Running

AC Parameters  (Off-Grid)
Rated Output Power (kw) 500
Maximum Output Power (kw) 550
Rated Output Voltage (V) 3W+N+PE,     380/400V
Output Voltage Harmonics 3%(Linear Full Load)
Rated  Frequency(Hz) 50/60
Overload Capacity 105%]:Running   Continuously,[105%~120%]:10   mins,

120%):Stop   Running

Battery  Parameters
Cell Type Lithium Iron Phosphate
Single Battery Cabinet Power 215.04
Number Of Battery Cabinets 5
Battery System Power (kwh) 1075.2
Rated operating hours(h) 2(Changeable number of battery modules to meet time options)
Battery Life 25℃   0.5C/0.5C   100%DOD   SOH80%≥6000times
Maximum Efficiency 93%
AC Switch Yes
PV Electrically Operated AC Switches Yes
Grid Monitoring Yes
Surge Protection Yes
Basic   Parameters
Sizes(W*D*H)(mm) 6058*2438*2591
Weights  (kg) 16000
lsolation Method Built-In lsolation Transformer
Grid And Off-Grid shifter STS
Protection Class Outdoor  IP54
Operating Temperature Range -20~55℃(>45℃  Derate)
Relative Humidity (Non-Condensing) 0~95%
Temperature Control Method Refrigeration
Maximum Working Altitude(m) 4000(>2000  Derate)
Display Touchscreens
Communication Interface RS485、CAN、LAN
Communication Protocols Modbus-RTU、Modbus-TCP、CAN2.0B


System Features

■Preferred LFP Routing, Rigorous Safety Testing

■Hierarchical Temperature Control Strategy From Core To Container, Industrial Grade Temperature Control System.

■All-round Electrical Protection: High And Low Voltage Separation, Insulation Testing, Grounding Protection, Lightning Protection Design.

■7mm Thermal lsolation Between Cores, Insulated Holder Design

■Module Built-In Aerosol Fire Protection Measures, Container Intelligent Warehouse Level Fire Protection, Hierarchical Linkage, Multi-Layer Protection

■Battery packs connect with PCS in series, Eliminating Loop Current  And Providing Greater Safety.


Intelligent And Efficient

■Efficient, Digital, Intelligent EMS System Design

■0.5C Charge /Discharge Rate

■Fault Prediction, Identification And Rapid Localization



■Easy Transportation, Installation And Maintenance

■Modularied design, easy for maintenance, Management And Capacity Expansion