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The simple flow structure shows its advantages when data and programs are manipulated in ongoing operation. Almost all programming environments allow for the change of all variables during a processing cycle. Due to the set program structure, program sequences can be loaded at run time (Online Change), since there are always exact starting points at the beginning and the end of a cycle. When these new systems were launched, the producers had to make their customers, who were used to contactors, acquainted with the programming of the new systems.

For that reason, numerous but mostly short-lived attemps were made to find a programming language that facilitates the change from the traditional detailed wiring diagram to the PLC program. The programming languages Function Block Diagram, Ladder Diagram and Instruction List were developed then. At that time, however, developers failed to define a universally binding standard for programming PLC systems. In consequence, each producer had specific characteristics in the programming languages Function Block Diagram, Ladder Diagram and Instruction List. Therefore, company standards emerged in various geographic regions, such as Siemens STEP 5 in Europe, Allen Bradley in the U.S. and MITSUBISHI in the Far East.


DCS is the English abbreviation for Distributed Control System, also known as Distributed Control System in the domestic automation industry. Compared to centralized control systems, it is a new type of computer control system that has developed and evolved from centralized control systems. It is a multi-level computer system composed of process control level and process monitoring level, connected by a communication network. It integrates 4C technologies such as computer, communication, display, and control. Its basic idea is decentralized control, centralized operation, hierarchical management, flexible configuration, and convenient configuration.

DCS is a highly integrated product of computer technology, control technology, and network technology. DCS usually uses several controllers (process stations) to control numerous control points in a production process, and each controller is connected through a network and can exchange data. The operation adopts a computer operation station, which is connected to the controller through a network to collect production data and convey operation instructions. Therefore, the main characteristics of DCS can be summarized in one sentence: decentralized control and centralized management.