BLF2924-10-0-S-020 PACIFIC SCIENTIFIC servo motor


Manufacturer: Pacific
Model: BLF2924-10-0-S-020
Product name: Motor
Warranty: One year warranty

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BLF2924-10-0-S-020 PACIFIC SCIENTIFIC servo motor

BLF2924-10-0-S-020 PACIFIC SCIENTIFIC servo motor


Fundamentally, a BLF2924-10-0-S-020 amplifier is a computer that is dedicated to motion control. Like every other computer it has its own operating system, data storage capabilities, data manipulation capabilities. The unit also includes a serial interface for data communications. In addition, its built-in inputs/outputs allow for hard-wired connections for motor feedback and to sensor switches to ensure motion that is “in sync” with a user’s environment. All BLF2924-10-0-S-020 Series servo controllers provide the user with the same basic components, including:

• Serial communications port for use with ToolPAC© for purposes of trouble shooting and initial drive configuration.

• A graphical user interface program, ToolPAC, provides the user with the tools to quickly and easily configure the BLF2924-10-0-S-020 to a specific motor and application. ToolPAC provides Wizards for Axis Setup, I/O Configuration, Tuning and is compatible with WIN95/WIN98/NT operating systems.

• System software including commands and parameters that allow you to configure the servo controller to your application, to enter and manipulate data, and to tune the performance of the unit to your application.

• Methods of control include Position, Velocity, and Torque with the ability to accept Step/Dir, Step+/step- and Encoder quadrature in Following mode whereby you are commanding the servo system in a position following mode. Master/slave relationships can be developed from the secondary encoder inputs, providing motion output.

• Distributed Feedback; A mode of operation where a secondary encoder is used to close the Position loop in an application. When using Distributed Feedback you will loose the ability to provide Step/Dir, Step+/Step- or Encoder following as the secondary encoder is wired to these HSI inputs. Thus CAM and Master/Slave relationships are likewise not available.

• The I/O Configuration Wizard provides the user with the tools to configure Hardware interfaces for High-Speed Encoder inputs, CW, CCW, Home inputs, Brake output that allow you to interface to your machinery/equipment.


PLC first appeared in the United States in the late 1960s, with the aim of replacing relays, performing sequential control functions such as logic, timing, and counting, and establishing flexible program control systems. In 1976, it was officially named and defined as a digital control specialized electronic computer that uses programmable memory to store instructions, perform functions such as logic, sequence, timing, counting, and calculus, and control various mechanical or working programs through analog and digital input and output components. After more than 30 years of development, PLC has become very mature and perfect, and has developed analog closed-loop control function. The position of PLC in the FCS system seems to have been determined without much debate. The PLC is hung on the high-speed bus as a station. Fully leverage the advantages of PLC in handling switching quantities. In addition, the auxiliary workshops of thermal power plants, such as the supply water treatment workshop, circulating water workshop, ash and slag removal workshop, coal handling workshop, etc., are mostly controlled in sequence in their process. PLC has its unique advantages for sequential control. The editor believes that the control system of the auxiliary workshop should be optimized for PLCs that follow the fieldbus communication protocol or PLCs that can communicate and exchange information with FCS.

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