3500/64M 140734-05 Dynamic Pressure Monitor


BENTLY 3500/64M 140734-05
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3500/64M 140734-05 Dynamic Pressure Monitor

What do people do for daily maintenance of DCS systems?
1. Whether the indoor temperature and humidity are normal;
2. Check if the instrument power supply (AC220V or DC24V) is normal;
3. Check if all CPUs and modules are functioning properly, including power supply, operation, redundancy, control network, system network indicator lights, communication lights, etc;
4. Is the Bently and 203 overspeed protection system indicator normal;
5. Is the indication of the HydroCOM4.0 gas volume stepless regulation system normal;
6. Whether the engineer station is working properly and whether the cabinet fan is working properly;
7. Indoor hygiene conditions;

The 3300 XL NSv * Eddy Current Sensor System Bently Nevada * Asset Status Monitoring 3300 XL NSv * Eddy Current Sensor System is designed to be used in conjunction with centrifugal air compressors, refrigeration compressors, process gas compressors, and other compact installation machines. The 3300 XL NSv * eddy current sensor system consists of the following components:
3300 NSv probe
3300 NSv extension cable
3300 XL NSv Proximitor 1
The 3300 XL NSv sensor system is mainly used in areas where the standard Bentley Nevada 3300 and 3300 XL 5 and 8mm sensor systems cannot be used due to limitations on counterbore/side or rear. It is also an ideal choice for small target surface measurement applications, such as radial vibration measurement with a shaft diameter less than 51 millimeters (2 inches) or axial position measurement with a flat target surface diameter less than 15 millimeters (0.6 inches). This system is mainly used on machines with thin shafts or narrow side view oil film bearings:
• Radial vibration and radial position measurement
Measurement of axial (thrust) position
• Measurement of speed and zero speed
• Phase reference (keyphase *) signal
The 3300 XL NSv sensor system is designed to replace the 3300 RAM sensor system and the 3000 series or 7000 series 190 sensor system. When upgrading from a 3300 RAM system to a 3300 XL NSv system, the original probe and extension cable can be retained, and then a 3300 XL NSv preamplifier can be added. When upgrading a 3000 series or 7000 series sensor system, it is necessary to replace the probe, extension cable, and configure an NSv preamplifier.
The average scaling factor of the 3300 XL NSv sensor system is 7.87 volts per millimeter (200 millivolts per mil), which is the most common output of eddy current sensors. Its enhanced side view function and small target characteristics make its linear range smaller than the Bentley Nevada 3300 XL series 5 and 8mm sensor systems; The linear range of 1.5 millimeters (60 mils) exceeds the linear range of the 3000 series 190 sensor system.
The features of the 3300 XL NSv preamplifier are similar to those of the 3300 XL 8mm preamplifier. Its ultra-thin design allows users to install it densely on DIN rails or using traditional panel mounting methods. No special installation precautions need to be mentioned, and the improved anti RF/electromagnetic interference ability allows the 3300 XL NSv preamplifier to achieve European CE certification without considering any special installation measures. This ability to resist radio frequency interference also prevents nearby high-frequency radio signals from having a negative impact on the sensor system. The SpringLoc spring compression terminal strip on the NSv preamplifier does not require special installation tools, making the operation faster and the on-site wiring connection very firm.
Eddy current probe and extension cable
The 3300 NSv probe and extension cable are mechanically and electrically compatible and interchangeable with Bentley Nevada’s early 3300 RAM eddy current probe and extension cable. Compared with the 3300 RAM probe, the NSv probe has improved chemical resistance, which makes it suitable for use in many process compressors. When the distance between the probe and the target surface is the same, the side view characteristics of the 3300 NSv probe are also better than those of the 3000 series 190 probe. The probe housing of the 3300 NSv probe comes in various configurations, including armored and non armored ¼ – 28. -24/M8 X 1 and M10 X 1 probe threads. The 3300 NSv reverse mount probe is equipped with standard æ -24 or M10 X 1 threads. All components of the sensor system are gold-plated brass ClickLoc * connectors. The ClickLoc connector is locked to prevent loose connections. The patented TipLoc * mold technology ensures a secure connection between the probe end and the probe body. The probe cable is securely connected to the end of the probe using Bentley Nevada’s CableLoc * patented design, capable of withstanding a tensile force of 220 N (50 pounds). It is recommended to use a connector protector for the probe extension cable connection and the cable preamplifier connection. The connector protector prevents liquid from flowing into the ClickLoc connector and has adverse effects on the electrical signal.
technical specifications
Unless otherwise specified, the following technical specifications for the 3300 XL NSv preamplifier, extension cable, and probe are obtained under the following conditions: temperature 0 ℃~+45 ℃ (+32 ° F~+113 ° F), -24 Vdc power supply, 10k Ω load, AISI 414 steel target surface with a diameter of 31 millimeters (1.2 inches) or larger provided by Bentley Nevada, and probe clearance of 1.0 millimeters (40 mils). The system accuracy and interchangeability indicators are not applicable to sensor systems that have not been calibrated with Bentley Nevada AISI 414 steel targets.
Electrical specifications
Proximitor input
Receive signals from non-contact 3300 RAM or 3300 NSv eddy current probes and extension cables.
When there is no safety barrier, a range of -17.5 Vdc to -26 Vdc is required, with a maximum current of 12 mA. When there is a safety barrier, a range of -23 Vdc to -26 Vdc is required. When operating at voltages above -23.5 Vdc, it will result in a decrease in linear range.
Supply voltage sensitivity
When the input voltage changes by 1 volt, the output voltage does not change by more than 2 millivolts.
Output impedance
50 ohms


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