3500/33-01-02 149986-01 Relay Module


BENTLY 3500/33-01-02 149986-01
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3500/33-01-02 149986-01 Relay Module

The stability of key unit operation is directly related to the stability of petrochemical production, so the maintenance and inspection of unit instruments will be crucial. The inspection frequency can be divided into daily inspection, weekly inspection, monthly inspection, quarterly inspection, and semi annual/annual inspection. The inspection content can be determined according to the different inspection frequencies, and the corresponding inspection depth can be formulated.
1、 Daily inspection content
1. Check the integrity of the unit’s instruments and equipment, and promptly rectify and handle any defects found in the instruments and equipment.
2. Check the instruments of the unit, especially the first valve, pressure line, valve group, important regulating valve, and all interlocking valves of interlocking instruments and important control instruments, for any running, emitting, dripping, or leaking phenomena, and promptly handle them.
3. Check the unit instruments, especially the junction boxes of interlocking instruments and important control instruments, and on-site junction boxes for water ingress and liquid ingress. Especially during the rainy or melting season, inspection efforts should be increased.
4. Check the operation of the BENTLY 3300/3500 status monitoring system, speed control system, and overspeed protection system of the unit, and check for any abnormal status indications.
2、 Weekly inspection content
1. Summarize the remaining issues of the unit’s instruments once a week, determine and implement solutions, and promptly report any unresolved issues to superiors.
2. Take time every week to contact the operators of the production workshop unit positions, compare and confirm the indications of the suction tank liquid level and sealing oil high-level oil tank liquid level instruments in each section of the compressor with the process glass plate liquid level indicators, and further confirm and handle instruments with significant deviations.
3. For the same monitoring point with different instruments entering ESD (or PLC) and DCS respectively, compare and check the readings of ESD (or PLC) and DCS on a weekly basis.
4. Special care team members utilize the weekly joint inspection time before special care activities to conduct a comprehensive and detailed inspection of the operation of key instruments and systems in the unit, and report the inspection results at subsequent special care meetings. Any problems found are promptly raised and solutions are proposed. Other members of the special care team respond promptly to feedback on instrument issues and propose solutions, and organize implementation after the meeting.
3、 Monthly inspection content
The monthly inspection includes: signal indication, comparative analysis of trends, logic check, DCS and ESD (or PLC) system software and hardware operation status, handling some problems found during daily and weekly inspections
The monthly maintenance inspection is mainly carried out by the team leader and maintenance personnel based on the operation of the unit this month, analyzing and discussing targeted problems, and developing corresponding solutions and solutions according to the actual situation. Implementation and handling are carried out based on the process production situation.
4、 Quarterly inspection content
Quarterly maintenance inspections mainly focus on some important interlocking instruments of the unit, and inspect the important interlocking instrument circuits of the unit in batches based on the operating characteristics of each unit. The maintenance team leader and technician are responsible for organizing and applying for approval from the instrument workshop and production workshop. After obtaining the first level instrument maintenance work permit and interlocking work permit, and developing corresponding safety plans, inspection operations can only be carried out.
In addition, a quarterly inventory of spare parts and components for large unit instruments is required.

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