Bently 1900/65A-00-04-01-00-00 Vibration Sensor


BENTLY 1900/65A-00-04-01-00-00
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Bently 1900/65A-00-04-01-00-00 Vibration Sensor

The key phase signal NET 8000 can handle various signals such as keyless, keyway, speed measuring gear, multi axis single key, etc. When the key phase probe sensor rotates the shaft, it generates a pulse signal for each rotation, which is the key signal. In this system, the key signals of the three major units of the ethylene compressor unit are connected to the NET8000 monitoring station through the buffered output of the Bently 3300 key phase. The ethylene compressor unit and the propylene compressor unit are single key phases, while the cracking gas compressor unit is divided into a high-speed shaft and a low-speed shaft, with two key signals.
In order to obtain more process signals related to unit operation, the NET 8000 monitoring substation breaks through the traditional method of only using hard wiring and has two serial ports. According to the MODBUS communication protocol, necessary process variable signals can be collected from the DCS system into the NET 8000 monitoring substation, with a maximum of 256 process variable signals connected, greatly enriching the information of unit monitoring and fault diagnosis.
3.3 System software functions
3.3.1 The data types monitored by the S8000 monitoring system include real-time data, trend data (short-term, hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, annual), historical data, and start stop data. The S8000 monitoring system provides the following analysis functions: • Overall view of the unit: Users can understand the total vibration value, shaft displacement, and speed of each vibration channel of the selected monitoring substation and the selected unit; • Single quality bar chart: It displays the real-time vibration amplitude of the vibration channel of the selected monitoring substation and the selected unit key phase in the form of a bar chart Multi value bar chart: Similar to single value bar chart, it displays the total vibration value and various harmonic amplitudes of the vibration channel using a bar chart

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