PM511V16 3BSE011181R1 ABB module DCS system spare parts

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PM511V16 The purpose of a PSD (Process Shutdown) system is to prevent the development of an abnormal

process condition into an undesirable event (emergency). The PSD safety system goes into

action when the process control system, DCS, is no longer able to control the process in a safe

manner. This may be a result of faults in the process equipment, instrumentation or computer

hardware, or caused by unwanted control PM511V16 program actions (for example from an erroneous set

point) with process instability as a result. Generally the action is to section off the process, to

prevent the situation from spreading, and for example cool/de-pressurize the process to achieve

thermodynamic stability

PM511V16 Critical Control

Safeguard also supports safety applications with critical control functions, e.g.critical valve

control on a pipe line. This enables application solution for implementing analog outputs and

PIDCON (predefined function block for PID control in the ABB Masterpiece language, AMPL)

in a dual system.

1.4.2 Plant/Area safeguarding and personnel safety

Emergency Shutdown

The ESD (Emergency Shutdown) system comes into action when the situation has developed

into an emergency. The purpose of the system is to limit the consequences of the uncontrolled

state, contribute to evacuation and emergency blow-down PM511V16 actions, and to re-establish safe


Fire and gas detection and protection

The purpose of the F&G system is to detect a fire and/or gas situation at an early stage, fight the

fire and limit the gas leakage by de-pressurization, process section shutdown and closing of

ventilation (dampers). Personnel warnings such as beacons, horns and messages (PA system)

may be activated to initiate evacuation of the area.

In addition to flammable compounds, detection includes other gases and fluids, for example

toxic and corrosive substances that may cause personnel or environmental hazard.

Safeguard 400 Series include hardware and software solutions to support all commonly used

detectors and fire fighting equipment. Some examples are heat, flame and smoke fire detectors,

optical and electro-catalytic gas detection, and CO2,PM511V16 halon or water based extinguishing


Safeguard 400 Series can be configured with both conventional or/and addressable fire and gas


1.4.3 Application implementation

There are two methods for realization of safety system logic within Safeguard.

AMPL (ABB Master Programming Language)

Safety Builder (Cause & Effect tool).

The two methods can be combined in a system for optimal solutions. AMPL

AMPL is the standard function-block/Process Control (PC)-elements language with graphic

representation used for application programs in both Safeguard and ABB OCS. See also Section

2.4, Engineering Software for AS 100 Series ES for enhanced use of AMPL as Type Circuits

or/and Circuits in the Advant Station 100 Engineering Station

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