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PFSA140 Typical settings for the loss-of-life limit element dictate that either the limit be changed or

the initial transformer loss-of-life be changed temporarily. Verification of this function is

recommended by programming an initial loss-of-life above the element threshold. The

element operates instantly as it has no associated time delay.

7.5.20 Tap Monitor Failure

The tap monitor failure element operates when PFSA140 the sensed resistance is 150% larger than

the programmed values for the monitor circuit.

 Connect a resistance to simulate the tap changer resistance and increase

this resistance until the element operates.

 Calculate that the resistance at which the element operated is 150% of

the resistance that would be present at the maximum tap position.

 Verify all relay, targets and messages for correct operation per

programmed values.

Testing of this element uses with the same setup used in testing the harmonic restraint

percent differential elements (see FIGURE 7–1: Test setup on page 7–4).

To test the winding 1 THD element,

 Connect the composite current signal to terminals H1 and G1.

Since the DC component actually consists PFSA140 of a half-wave rectified

signal, it contains all even harmonics which the relay measures and

operates on.

Note that the fundamental component is required to prevent saturation

of the input CTs. Monitor the output relays as per the relay FlexLogic™


 Set the fundamental component to PFSA140 rated CT secondary (1 or 5 A).

 Gradually increase the DC component to produce even harmonics until

the THD level element operates.

 Display the total harmonic content under A2 METERING 


The displayed value of THD at which operation took place should be the

same as the programmed value.

 Check that the Trip, Pickup (and Alarm if selected) LEDs are on and

one of the following is displayed:


 Lower the DC component until the element resets.

The reset value should be PFSA140 approximately 2% less than the operate value.

 Verify that the Phase, Pickup, and Alarm LEDs reset if the target

function is set to Self-resetting.

The Trip LED should remain latched. Operating time

To measure the basic operating time of this element,

 Preset a fundamental and DC component composite current signal to

cause the element to operate.

 Using the setup of Figure 10-1, apply the current suddenly, at the same

time as you trigger the timer.

The measured operating time should PFSA140 correspond to the time delay

setting for the element.

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