KUC755AE106 3BHB005243R0106 Control Board Card


KUC755AE106 3BHB005243R0106

Material: KUC755AE106 3BHB005243R0106
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Additional information: KUC755AE106 3BHB005243R0106 Control Board Card

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KUC755AE106 3BHB005243R0106


The available functions for the KUC755AE106 3BHB005243R0106 system offer comprehensive protection, monitoring, recording, and synchronization capabilities for the generator. Here’s a breakdown of these functions:

1. Overcurrent Protection:

  • Provides protection against excessive current flow with instantaneous or inverse time characteristics.

2. Volt/Hertz Protection:

  • Protects the generator from voltage and frequency deviations beyond preset limits.

3. Loss of Field Protection:

  • Ensures the generator is protected in case of loss of field excitation.

4. Rotor Temperature Monitoring:

  • Monitors the temperature of the rotor to prevent overheating and ensure safe operation.

5. KUC755AE106 3BHB005243R0106 Thyristor Conduction Monitoring:

  • Monitors the conduction status of thyristors to ensure proper functioning of the excitation system.

6. Actual Value Monitoring:

  • Monitors various parameters and signals to ensure they are within acceptable ranges.

7. Data and Event Recording:

  • Stores up to 2,000 events with real-time stamps for efficient troubleshooting and continuous improvement. Preconfigured data recorder captures measurements and internal signals automatically during faults. Additional high-speed recorders are available for compliance testing or network event analysis.

8. System Time Synchronization:

  • Synchronizes the system clock with a time source using Simple Network Time Protocol (SNTP) with high accuracy (up to 1 ms), facilitating troubleshooting and alignment of event logs with other plant loggers.

9. Power System Stabilizer (PSS):

  • Improves generator and transmission system stability by dampening power oscillations using excitation control.
    • PSS types available include PSS 2A/2B/2C and PSS 4B/4C in accordance with IEEE standard 421.5-2016.
    • Adaptive PSS (APSS) adjusts PSS settings based on current network conditions to maximize availability and prevent trips due to insufficient damping in weak networks.

These functions collectively enhance the operational reliability, protection, and monitoring capabilities of the generator system, ensuring safe and efficient operation in various conditions.


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