GFD233 3BHE022294R0102 ABB Control Processing Input Module


GFD233 3BHE022294R0102

Material: GFD233 3BHE022294R0102
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Additional information: GFD233 3BHE022294R0102 ABB Control Processing Input Module

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GFD233 3BHE022294R0102 ABB Control Processing Input Module


The key features of the relay are:

  1. Self-Powered Three-Phase Non-Directional Overcurrent GFD233 3BHE022294R0102 and Earth-Fault Protection:
    • Provides protection against overcurrent and earth faults with both definite minimum time (DMT) and inverse definite minimum time (IDMT) characteristics.
  2. Dual Mode of Earth Fault Measurement:
    • Offers the option of internal vector summation or external Current Transformer (CBCT) input for earth fault measurement.
  3. Integrated IDMT Curves:
    • Incorporates IDMT curves (IEC and Special) within a single product to accommodate time coordination requirements for secondary distribution protection.
  4. GFD233 3BHE022294R0102 Protection Blocking by Second Harmonic Measurement:
    • Ensures stability during magnetizing inrush of transformers by utilizing second harmonic measurement.
  5. Capacitor Discharge Impulse Output:
    • Provides a low-energy trip coil for efficient operation.
  6. Built-in Hand-Reset Electromagnetic Flag:
    • Features a hand-reset electromagnetic flag for trip indication.
  7. Easy Setting by DIP Switches:
    • Settings are easily adjustable via DIP switches, protected by a transparent cover.
  8. Compact Design for Secondary Switchgear Applications:
    • Designed to be compact and mountable, suitable for Ring Main Unit (RMU) and secondary switchgear applications.
  9. Test Facility:
    • Offers a test facility for testing the entire protection scheme, including primary CT, relay, and trip coil.
  10. Signal Output for Trip Indication:
    • Provides a signal output for trip indication to external systems.

The combined overcurrent and earth-fault relay is a secondary relay that connects to the current transformers of the protected object. It derives the energy needed for operation and tripping of the circuit breaker from the current transformers. The front panel includes two LEDs: a green “Ready” LED indicating the relay is operational when sufficient current is available, and a red “IRF” LED indicating internal relay failure. The relay operates when phase or earth fault current exceeds the set operate time, based on definite time or inverse time characteristics. Various IDMT curves, including standard and special curves, are available for precise protection settings.

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