GDD471A001 2UBA002322R0001 ABB Control Board


GDD471A001 2UBA002322R0001

Material: GDD471A001 2UBA002322R0001
Support: Hot swappable
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Additional information: GDD471A001 2UBA002322R0001 ABB Control Board

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GDD471A001 2UBA002322R0001 ABB Control Board


GDD471A001 2UBA002322R0001 Testing Equipment and Parameters
● Master slave relationship: 1 master 4 slave
Communication interface: RJ45 interface
Power supply: 12-24VDC
Communication protocol: ModbusTCP/IP protocol
Transmission distance: 100 meters, 1KM


GDD471A001 2UBA002322R0001 Control Function with 24 V DC ≥ 10 mA PLC Output:

  • Built-in PLC Interface:
    • GDD471A001 2UBA002322R0001 Operates the AF contactor coil with voltage range:
      • 100 … 250 V AC / DC
      • 250 … 500 V AC / DC
    • Suitable for AF contactors:
      • From 55 kW – 400 V / 75 hp up to 560 kW – 400 V / 900 hp 480 V
      • Up to 2850 A AC-1 / General use
    • Dedicated coil code from AF116 up to AF370
    • Standard feature from AF400 up to AF2850
  • Function Description:
    • Control signal:
      • “1” represents 24 V DC between control signal and COM
      • “0” represents no voltage between control signal and COM
    • ON and OFF_N can be connected in parallel for a common ON/OFF signal
    • GDD471A001 2UBA002322R0001 Function includes voltage supply limits:
      • Closing at 77%
      • Opening at 55%
  • Protective Separation:
    • Ensures safe isolation of circuits to prevent voltage transfer in case of single failures
    • Requirements comply with IEC / EN 60947-1, Annex N
    • Basic requirements include double or reinforced insulation, protective shield, or combination of both
    • Insulation must resist aging throughout expected lifetime
    • No safe separation required for circuits without safety extra-low voltage or functional extra-low voltage
  • Mechanically Linked Contacts or Mirror Contacts:
    • Defined according to IEC / EN 60947-5-1, Annex L
    • Combination of Make and Break auxiliary contact elements designed to prevent simultaneous closed position
    • Control circuit devices may have multiple groups of mechanically linked contact elements
    • ABB contactor relays undergo testing in accordance with IEC 60947-5-1 and feature positively driven contact elements in basic units or in conjunction with auxiliary switches since product introduction.

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