GDC801B101 3BHE051592R0101 Data Network Board


GDC801B101 3BHE051592R0101

Material: GDC801B101 3BHE051592R0101
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Additional information: GDC801B101 3BHE051592R0101 Data Network Board

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GDC801B101 3BHE051592R0101 Data Network Board


Performance Summary: GDC801B101 3BHE051592R0101
·Measurable cumulative battery charging and discharging capacity
·The working range of 3.6V to 60V is suitable for multi cell battery applications
·14 bit ADC is responsible for measuring voltage, current, and temperature
·1% voltage, current, and charging accuracy
·± 50mV detection voltage range
·High voltage side detection
·I2C/SMBus interface
·Configurable alarm output/charging completion input
·Static current<150 μ A
·Small size 8-pin 3mm x 3mm DFN package


Analytical Processor Board:

  • Status LEDs:
    • Red LED: Indicates power on. Off if the board is powered down or has no power.
    • Yellow LED: Indicates successful initiation of the CPU’s program and normal operation. Should flash at 20 to 40 Hz during normal operation. If off or solid without flashing, indicates a software malfunction.
  • Field-replaceable part.

GDC801B101 3BHE051592R0101 Data Network Board


Digital Controller Assembly with VGA Display:

  • Components:
    • Digital electronic board
    • Mounting assembly
    • VGA display
  • Functions:
    • Provides control parameters to the analytical processor board.
    • Stores and processes data from the analytical processor board.
    • Handles communication with other devices.
  • Digital Electronic Board Features:
    • 16 MB Pseudo Static RAM (Application) with lithium battery
    • 32 MB NAND Flash Memory (Boot/Application/Storage)
    • 4 MB Static CMOS Memory (Storage)
    • 1 secure digital card socket (with optional up to 4 GB removable storage)
  • VGA Display Features:
    • Provides a VGA monochromatic display for monitoring process and results.
    • Includes six magnetic switches for user navigation through data screens and process control (start, stop, calibrate).
  • User Interface:
    • Utilizes hall-effect magnet navigation for monitoring the analyzer’s operation.
  • LED Status Indicators:
    • Two user-programmable LEDs.
    • Default left LED flashing indicates a fault alarm, solid light indicates a warning alarm.
    • Right LED solid light indicates the device is not in auto run mode.


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