ABB DSDP140A 57160001-ACT pulse counter board


DSDP140A 57160001-ACT

ABB DSDP140A 57160001-ACT is a pulse counter board that is an important component in the field of industrial automation.

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ABB DSDP140A 57160001-ACT pulse counter board


ABB DSDP140A 57160001-ACT Product Overview:
Series: Module
Product size: 31 * 22 * 11mm
Shell material: ABB
Spot size: 2-3mm Spot size
Light source: visible red light (660nm)
Detection distance: 1-300mm (optional)
Working voltage: DC 10-30V
Output method: NPN/PNP NO/NC
Connection method: 2M PVC cable


ABB DSDP140A 57160001-ACT is a pulse counter board that is an important component in the field of industrial automation.


The following is a detailed introduction to the product:

Brushless design and long lifespan: This counter board adopts a brushless design, which does not require protection, making it reliable to use and has a long lifespan. This design makes it insensitive to mechanical and electrical noise, ensuring stable and reliable operation in various industrial environments.

Widely applicable range: Due to the above characteristics, ABB DSDP140A 57160001-ACT is widely used in various occasions, especially in environments where rotary encoders cannot work normally in high temperature, extreme cold, humidity, high speed, high vibration, etc., such as robot systems, servo systems, engineering machinery, automobiles, power, metallurgy, textiles, printing, and aerospace fields.

Wide operating temperature range: This counter board has a wide operating temperature range and can operate normally within the temperature range of -55 ℃ to+155 ℃, allowing it to adapt to various extreme temperature environments.

Strong impact and vibration resistance: In terms of vibration, it can withstand up to 196m/s ² Under vibration conditions of (20g), it operates normally within the range of 10-500Hz; In terms of impact resistance, it can withstand 981m/s ² Impact of (100g).

Good humidity adaptability: In terms of humidity, when the temperature is 60 ℃, the minimum relative humidity is 90%, demonstrating good humidity adaptability.

High speed rotation capability: This counter board also has high speed rotation capability, with a rotation speed range of 100-500s-1 (6000-3000min-1).

Overall, ABB DSDP140A 57160001-ACT is a powerful and stable pulse counter board that can meet the needs of various industrial automation fields. It has a wide operating temperature range, strong impact and vibration resistance, good humidity adaptability, and high-speed rotation ability, making it stable and reliable in various extreme working environments.




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