ABB CI867AK01 S800 I/O Unit


Material number:CI867AK01
Product brand: ABB

CI867AK01 installation and disassembly of S800 I/O units involve specific procedures for secure connection and disassembly.

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CI867AK01 installation and disassembly of S800 I/O units involve specific procedures for secure connection and disassembly. Here’s a step-by-step guide based on the provided instructions:

CI867AK01 Mounting Procedure:

  1. DIN-rail Mounting: Ensure the DIN-rail is mounted securely on a metal sheet in the cabinet or on an enclosure wall with fastening screws every 100 mm for good chassis ground connection.
  2. Placement: Place the FCI, ModuleBus Modem, or MTU on the top edge of the DIN rail.
  3. Snap Locking: Use a flat blade screwdriver to release the rail latch, then snap the bottom mechanism of the unit into place on the DIN rail. The rail latch will fix the unit in position.
  4. Grounding: Snapping the unit to the DIN rail makes contact by a grounding spring with the chassis, ensuring proper grounding.
  5. Connection: Slide the MTU or S800L module along the mounting rail to make connections to the FCI, ModuleBus Modem, or other MTUs or S800L modules.
  6. Locking Mechanism: Use the locking device to lock the MTU or S800L module in place on the DIN rail.
  7. Electrical Connection: Ensure electrical connection between modules and MTUs is secure and properly locked.

CI867AK01 Removing Procedure:

  1. Release Mechanism: Use a flat blade screwdriver to release the latch, allowing for easier movement along the DIN rail or removal of the unit.
  2. Disconnecting Modules: Use a screwdriver to press between the MTU and S800L module to disconnect them.
  3. Unlocking: Turn the locking device counterclockwise to unlock the module from the DIN rail.
  4. Detachment: Carefully detach the unit from the DIN rail once unlocked.

CI867AK01 I/O Module Installation on MTU:

  1. Setting Keys: Set the I/O Module Keys #1 and #2 to the correct settings.
  2. Lock/Switch: Place the I/O Module Lock/Switch in the unlock position.
  3. Mounting: Push the I/O module straight onto the MTU until it locks and electrically connects.
  4. Locking: Turn the I/O Module Lock/Switch clockwise to lock the module in place on the MTU.


  • Do not turn the I/O Module Lock/Switch counter-clockwise from the unlocked position to avoid damage.
  • Ensure proper alignment and connection during mounting to prevent operational issues.

CI867AK01 Power Supply:

  • It’s recommended to feed system components and field equipment from different power supplies for system reliability.
  • Redundant configurations using independent voting units can be utilized for added reliability.

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