ABB AI02J Analog Input Field Signal



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ABB AI02J Analog Input Field Signal


It appears that the AI02J HART analog input module is designed to process up to 16 high-level analog field inputs for a Symphony Plus controller. The controller uses specific function codes for configuration and access.

Here are some key points about the AI02J module:

  1. Controller Compatibility: The module is compatible with a Symphony Plus controller.
  2. Function Codes: The configuration of the AI02J module involves using function code 221 (I/O Device Definition) to set up the module itself. Additionally, function code 222 (Analog In/Channel) is used to configure and access each input channel of the module.
  3. Input Channels: Each of the 16 channels on the AI02J module can be individually programmed for either current or voltage inputs. This flexibility allows customization based on the type of analog signals the system needs to process.
  4. Base Compatibility: The AI02J module can be used with specific mounting bases, including HBS01-FPH, HBS01-EPD, VBS01-FPH, and VBS01-EPD. The choice of base may depend on factors such as power source, field device configuration, and other system requirements.

If you have specific questions or if there’s anything else you would like to know about the AI02 module or its integration with the mentioned bases, feel free to ask!


ABB AI02J Analog Input Field Signal

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