ABB AI02 Symphony Plus DO module 250mA


Manufacturer: ABB
Model: AI02
Warranty: One year warranty
Working temperature range: -30 ° C to+90 ° C
Input current: 15mA
Output current: 2A

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The process and power industries face intensifying cyber security risks. In order to increase stability, security and robustness in its solutions, ABB has established an independent Device Security Assurance Center (DSAC) where cyber security robustness is tested as part of the product development process. The DSAC test facility uses state-of-the-art open source, commercial and proprietary robustness and vulnerability analysis tools in its certification testing. All Symphony Plus Ethernet-based devices – including SD Series products such as the HPC800, SPC700, CI850, SCI200 – are continually tested at the DSAC center in different configurations and with an explicit focus on operational performance. This ensures that all Symphony Plus products are robust, secure and of the highest quality.

The DCS system should carry out comprehensive management throughout the entire process from design, construction, debugging, operation and maintenance. As a system maintenance personnel, it is necessary to develop scientific and reasonable maintenance strategies and methods based on system configuration and production operation characteristics, strengthen system maintenance, analyze specific faults and problems that occur during operation, and promptly handle them to ensure stable and reliable operation of the DCS system. During unit maintenance, the DCS system should be thoroughly maintained, mainly including:
(1) Reset the DPU, CPU, operator station, and data station of the DCS system one by one using the unit maintenance time; Delete invalid I/O points in the configuration and optimize the configuration.
(2) System redundancy testing: Conduct redundancy testing on redundant power supplies, servers, controllers, and communication networks. Pay attention to whether the switching between master and slave devices, network, and human-machine interface stations are normal during power outage of various equipment in the system; After system maintenance and re powering on, perform switching tests on each device.
(3) System dust removal: The system is shut down and all equipment is cleaned and blown, including the dust removal of the host, control station cage, cabinet filter screen, fan, and other components.
(4) Maintenance of grounding system. Including terminal inspection and ground resistance test; Maintenance of system power supply lines and testing of UPS power supply capacity; Pay attention to checking the CMOS battery level of the DPU host to prevent CMOS data loss.
(5) Check the interfaces between the DCS system and other systems, handle important signal redundancy, and implement one-way transmission and firewall measures for communication with other systems.
(6) System power on: After the system overhaul, the maintenance responsible person confirms that the conditions are met and strictly follows the power on steps.