AO2000-LS25 infrared gas analyzer ABB measurement and analyzer


AO2000-LS25 units and their main components
1 Transmitter electronics and housing
2 Mounting nut
3 Optical window
4 Adapter ring
5 Alignment and purging unit (DN50 flange)
6 Purging gas inlet
7 Span cell inlet (non-corrosive gases, see also Section 7)
8 Receiver electronics and housing
9 DC power cable
10 Receiver cable
11 LCD display

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AO2000-LS25 infrared gas analyzer ABB measurement and analyzer


The provided information describes the components, features, and connectivity details of the AO2000-LS25, a gas concentration monitoring system. Here’s a breakdown of the key points:

  1. Transmitter Unit:
    • Contains a temperature-stabilized diode laser, collimating optics, and main electronics in a coated Aluminum box.
    • Environmental protection: IP66.
    • Standard optical windows withstand pressures up to 5 bar (absolute pressure).
    • Assembled with the receiver unit using purging & alignment units onto DN50 process flanges.
    • Optical alignment is easy and reliable, and purging prevents dust and contamination on optical windows.
  2. Receiver Unit:
    • Contains a focusing lens, photodetector, and receiver electronics in a coated Aluminum box.
    • Environmental protection: IP66.
    • Assembled with the transmitter unit using purging & alignment units onto DN50 process flanges.
  3. Assembly and Installation:
    • The monitor is assembled by combining the transmitter and receiver units with purging & alignment units.
    • Units are mounted onto DN50 process flanges.
  4. Block Diagram:
    • A block diagram of AO2000-LS25 is provided, illustrating the main components and their connections.
  5. Power Supply:
    • Power supply unit transforms 100-240 V AC to 24 V DC.
    • Can be supplied directly to the transmitter unit if 24 VDC is available.
    • Cable connection between the power supply box and the transmitter box.
    • Screw terminals inside the power box or cable connector on the transmitter unit for 4–20 mA input signals from external sensors.
  6. Receiver Electronics:
    • Connected to the transmitter electronics with a cable.
    • Amplifies and transfers the detected absorption signal from the photodetector to the transmitter unit.
    • Same cable transfers required power from the transmitter unit to the receiver unit.
  7. Transmitter Electronics:
    • Transmitter Aluminum box contains the major part of the electronics.
    • CPU board controls instrument and calculates gas concentration.
    • Main board incorporates electronics for operation, diode laser control, temperature control, and analog-to-digital signal conversion.
    • Display (LCD) shows gas concentration, laser beam transmission, and instrument status.
    • RS-232 port for direct serial communication with a PC.
    • Optional Ethernet board for TCP/IP communication via LAN.
  8. Connectors:
    • All cable connectors are Phoenix VARIOSUB type and waterproof.

This information provides a comprehensive overview of the AO2000-LS25 system, including its design, functionality, and connectivity features. If you have specific questions or need more details on any aspect, feel free to ask!

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