5SHY4045L0001 3BHB018162R0001 Semiconductor Switching Device


5SHY4045L0001 3BHB018162R0001

Name: 5SHY35L4520 5SXE10-0181 AC10272001R0101 SEMIS (Semiconductor Simulation)
Type: Web-based application
Purpose: Assist engineers in early design phases for selecting semiconductor devices based on thermal losses.

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5SHY4045L0001 3BHB018162R0001 Semiconductor Switching Device


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  • Mission Statement: Drive innovation in power semiconductor technology.
  • Collaboration: Work together with customers to add value through best performance and quality.
  • Vision: Strive to be the best and most forward-looking performer in markets, particularly focusing on reliability.

Product Expansion:

  • New Products: ABB Semiconductors is expanding its range of power semiconductors for various markets.

Upcoming Products:

  1. LinPak IGBT Modules:
    • Features: High-power, highly reliable IGBT modules.
    • Customer Benefits:
      • Addresses customer requirements like low overall stray inductance, high flexibility, and highest current densities.
    • Modules Ready for Production:
      • 1,700 V, 2 x 1,000 A module ready for mass production in Q1/17.
      • 3,300 V, 2 x 450 A module to be available for mass production in the first half of 2017.
    • Future Expansion:
      • Lineup to be expanded to higher voltages in the coming years.
  2. LoPak1 Medium-Power Phase Leg IGBT Modules:
    • Expansion into Medium-Power Segment:
      • ABB expanding product offerings into the medium-power segment.
    • New Module – LoPak1:
      • Low profile, low inductive module.
      • Features the latest low-loss 1,700 V SPT++ chipset.
      • Operates at 175°C junction temperature, setting a new industry benchmark.
    • Financial Benefit for Customers:
      • Allows customers to use more converter output power per rated module amp, leading to significant financial benefits.


  • Availability: LinPak IGBT modules and LoPak1 phase leg modules set to be available for mass production in 2017.
  • Future Expansion: LinPak lineup expected to expand to higher voltages in the following years.


  • Quality and Reliability: ABB Semiconductors is committed to delivering quality and reliability in its expanding product range.

Conclusion: ABB Semiconductors is dedicated to advancing power semiconductor technology, providing innovative solutions, and ensuring the highest standards of quality and reliability for its customers.

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