5SHY3545L0009 3BHB013085R0001 PLC – Industrial Control and Automation


5SHY3545L0009 3BHB013085R0001

  • IGCTs offer the potential for higher currents, voltages, and frequencies without the need for series or parallel connection.
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5SHY3545L0009 3BHB013085R0001 PLC – Industrial Control and Automation


The provided information discusses the evolving landscape of power electronics, specifically in the fields of Energy Management and Co-generation, and highlights the potential of IGCTs in meeting the increasing demands for higher frequency, voltage, and efficiency. Here are key points from the passage:

  1. Industry Trends and Requirements:
    • The expansion of power electronics into new fields is driving semiconductor requirements towards higher frequency, voltage, and efficiency, while also emphasizing the need for increased reliability and lower costs.
  2. IGCT Potential:
    • IGCTs offer the potential for higher currents, voltages, and frequencies without the need for series or parallel connection.
    • Future IGCT devices are under consideration for medium voltage conversion at line voltages up to 7.2 kVRMS.
  3. Autogenous Power Supplies and Active Clamping:
    • Series connection for very high voltage is expected to benefit from “autogenous power supplies,” which, combined with active clamping, may eliminate the need for external power supplies and sharing snubbers.
  4. Two-Terminal Module with Fiber-Optic Communication:
    • Future developments may lead to the IGCT becoming a two-terminal module with a single fiber-optic communication link.
  5. Diamond-Like Carbon Passivation Technology:
    • The use of Diamond-Like Carbon, an inorganic passivation technology, is mentioned as a contributing factor to higher junction temperatures, reaching up to 140°C on selected types.
  6. Improved Thermal Resistances:
    • Recent devices have seen a 30% reduction in thermal resistances, enhancing the power and frequency capabilities of IGCTs.
  7. IGCT Performance:
    • Within five years of its introduction, the IGCT has established itself as the power device of choice at high voltage, offering the lowest costs, highest reliability, efficiency, and power densities.
    • With only four standard housing sizes, the IGCT covers a wide power range of 0.3 to 300 MW, showcasing a “dynamic range” of 1000.
  8. Universal Switch Concept:
    • The concept of a universal switch is mentioned, and standardization in platforms and components (standard wafers, housings, gate units, coolers, clamps, etc.) is highlighted as a contributing factor.
    • Series connection is deemed achievable and destined to become simpler in the future, while parallel operation is considered unnecessary.
  9. Recognition of Press-Pack:
    • The press-pack construction, which may have been previously denigrated, is now recognized for its simplicity, reliability, low inductance, and inherent standardization.
  10. Decoupling of DC-Links:
    • The wisdom of decoupling high-energy DC-links from the switch assembly in Voltage Source Inverters (VSIs) is gaining acceptance.

In summary, the passage provides insights into the advancements and potential of IGCTs in addressing the evolving requirements of high-power applications, emphasizing factors such as standardization, simplicity, and reliability.


5SHY3545L0009 3BHB013085R0001 PLC – Industrial Control and Automation


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