5SGY3545L0020 thyristor DCS system

Numer modelu: 5SGY3545L0020
System functions: data collection and transmission
Power supply: normal
Interface method: RS-232
Supported Protocol: Modbus
Attachment type: Communication adapter

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5SGY3545L0020 thyristor DCS system

The information provided outlines additional details about Reverse Conduction Gate Turn-Off Thyristors (RC-GTOs) and Fast Diodes offered by ABB Semiconductors, as well as the reliability and application references of their GTO range.

  1. RC-GTOs:
    • RC-GTOs feature an integrated (monolithic) anti-parallel diode. The presence of this integrated diode eliminates the need for a discrete free-wheel diode. The GTO technology employed in RC-GTOs is the same as that of fast GTOs.
  2. Reverse Blocking GTOs:
    • The document states that Reverse Blocking GTOs are not presently offered. The details regarding why they are not offered are not provided.
  3. Fast Diodes:
    • ABB Semiconductors offers two types of fast diodes: “snubber diodes” and “free-wheel diodes,” both designated by an “F.” These diodes have specific applications, and their data sheets provide information on appropriate uses. Differentiation between diodes with similar voltage and current ratings is achieved through secondary technology considerations (character positions 10 & 11).
  4. Application References:
    • ABB Semiconductors introduced the GTO range in 1986. The GTO products share the same wafer and encapsulation technologies as ABB thyristor products, contributing to the reliability of the GTO range. The reliability data accumulated for thyristor products over many years is considered relevant to GTOs. Field experience spanning over 20 years for thyristors and 10 years for GTOs demonstrates their reliability in demanding applications.
  5. Reliability Data:
    • Reliability data includes information on issues such as blocking voltage stability (junction termination and passivation), thermal cycling capability, on-state voltage and thermal resistance stability (press-pack interface materials, specific loading). The document suggests that the reliability data accumulated for thyristors is directly applicable to GTOs.
  6. Field Experience:
    • Over more than 20 years for thyristors and 10 years for GTOs, field experience has demonstrated the reliability of these products in demanding applications. The table (presumably Table V, not provided) indicates the number of devices in service for each application category, further emphasizing their widespread use and reliability.

By providing these details, the document assures users of the reliability and performance of ABB Semiconductors’ GTO range, supported by extensive field experience and accumulated reliability data. This information helps potential users understand the features, technology, and application history of the offered products.