Abaco XVR19 6U-VME-SBC processor core chip


• 1x 16 Mb SPI Flash each for BIT and BIOS
plus 1x 16 Mb SPI Flash for BIOS backup

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The XVR19 rugged single board computer (SBC) from Abaco Systems features the highly integrated Intel Xeon E3-1505 v6 processor platform in either the high performance or low power CPU variation. Xeon offers integrated graphics and memory controller plus quad core processing up to 3.0 GHz all in one device. Coupled with the Intel CM238 chipset this provides an unmatched level of I/O bandwidth for both on-board and off-board functions.

Abaco XVR19 6U-VME-SBC processor core chip 

XVR19 6U-VME-SBC Features of the Xeon processor
• Graphics support for DirectX 12, OpenCL 2.0, OpenGL 4.4
• 5 to 15% CPU performance boost over 5th generation
• Intel TurboBoost Technology
• Intel AVX 2.0 extensions and AES-NI instructions
• Hardware-assisted security features
• Hyper-Threading Technology – two threads per core
• PCIe GEN3 capable PEG ports

Abaco XVR19 6U-VME-SBC processor core chip

In addition to a comprehensive range of onboard I/O features, the XVR19 also offers up to two on-board mezzanine expansion sites for enhanced system flexibility, both of which offer PMC and XMC capability. Memory resources include up to 32 GB DDR4 SDRAM, 512 KB NVRAM, up to 64 GB BGA NAND SSD, BIOS Flash and BIOS backup Flash. The XVR19 is designed to meet the requirements of a wide range of applications from commercial and industrial through to fully rugged defense and aerospace programs. It offers extended temperature capability and a range of air cooled build levels. A rich software choice is planned for the XVR19, including comprehensive Built-in Test (BIT) plus OS (64-bit) support for Windows 10, Fedora and RedHat Linux, and VxWorks®.


• Single slot 6U VME Single Board Computer
• Intel Xeon E3-1505M or E3-1505L Quad Core CPU (7th Generation Intel Core technology)
• Two channels of soldered DDR4 SDRAM with ECC up to 32 GB
• Up to 8 MB shared cache
• Up to 64 GB BGA NAND SSD
• On-board PMC/XMC Expansion

XVR19 6U-VME-SBC sites
• 1x XMC – x8 PCIe
• 1x optional XMC x4 PCIe
• 2x PMC (1x optional); PCI-X 100
• Comprehensive range of front and rear I/O features
• BIOS backup Flash
• Optional extended operating temperature range
• Windows®, Linux® and VxWorks OS support