6415-001-C-H-K Pacific Scientific Driver


Manufacturer: Pacific
Model: 6415-001-C-H-K
Product name: Driver
Warranty: One year warranty

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6415-001-C-H-K Pacific Scientific Driver

6415-001-C-H-K Pacific Scientific Driver


Certain precautions should be taken when powering the 6415-001-C-H-K drive from a regulated power supply. The 6415-001-C-H-K’s bipolar chopper output stage draws current from the DC supply in the form of pulses with fast rise and fall times. This may be a problem for some regulated supplies designed to drive loads having relatively constant or slowly varying current drain. If a regulated supply is used and problems are encountered, a 470uf capacitor should be placed across the DC+ and DC-lines between the power supply and 6415-001-C-H-K. Ideally this capacitor is located close to the 6415-001-C-H-K drive but it can be located near the power supply and connected to the 6415-001-C-H-K with a twisted pair no longer than 3 feet in length. The capacitor should have a 20KHz ripple current rating of at least the 6415-001-C-H-K’s current setting and a voltage rating of 1.3 times the nominal bus voltage.

A second precaution involves regenerated power (see section C.1.5). Regulated supplies are usually not designed to absorb power. This might cause their output voltage to rise during regeneration and lead to power supply and/or 6410 damage. The same considerations and solutions described in section C.1.5 apply.

This appendix, supplied with all 6415-001-C-H-K series drives, provides detailed information on installation. This appendix must be closely followed if EMC compliance is to be maintained. It covers details such as mechanical mounting, safety earth connections and motor wiring. The 6415-001-C-H-K’s input voltage is provided by a user supplied dc power supply.

System harmonics and conducted emissions are dependent on the system chosen. Therefore, the machine builder is responsible to properly filter the installation thereby preventing unwanted conducted line noise. EN 61800-3 also puts the responsibility of filtering on the machine builder. For additional information please see the “Assessment of Compatability” section in EN 61800-3.

T940- Process Monitoring Controller
T940 is equipped with decentralized I/O components for control processing. Multiple T940s can be connected together through a network to monitor thousands of I/O points. Optional redundant working methods improve system reliability. The T940 can support multiple different communication ports simultaneously, and all use different RJ45 interfaces. The T940 uses the 2500 components of the FoxBoro A2 automation system as its decentralized I/O system, and its open network structure allows it to connect to other third-party I/O devices that support PROFIBUS DP or Modbus RTU protocols.

The T940 component can complete continuous control and sequential control. Individual processing physically dispersed I/0 points.
The 2500 is composed of components such as a backplane, I/O control module (IOC), I/O module, terminal head, and 24V DV power supply. The backplane slots are 2, 4, 8, and 16, and the backplane slots we use are 16 slots. The IOC is a 2500 control unit, with the first slot on the left of each slot plugged into the IOC, which provides communication and power for other I/O components on the backplane.

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