5448-906 REV:SPM-D10 Woodward Steam Turbine Digital Governor


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Woodward’s SPM-D2 is form, fit and function compatible successor to each of the SPM-D line of synchronizer’s that are currently active. These are simple and robust microprocessor based synchronizers designed for use on three-phase AC generators equipped with Woodward or other compatible speed controls and automatic voltage regulators. Some salient features are,

1.Drop-In Replacement

2.Same Look and Feel as SPM-D synchronizers

3.USB Connectivity to PC

4.Woodward ToolKit service tool support

5.Marine classification Societies (ABS, LR, DNV) Pending!

The other steps are related to the user’s logical knowledge. The following steps are actually just ordinary and need to be modified or adjusted for the specific application issues you encounter. The best tool for finding faults is your feelings and experience. Firstly, plug in the programmer and turn the switch to the RUN position, then follow the following steps.
1. If the PLC stops at a point where certain outputs are excited, usually in an intermediate state, then look for the signal that causes the next operation to occur (input, timer, wire flow, drum controller, etc.). The programmer will display the ON/OFF status of that signal.
2. If the status displayed by the programmer is not consistent with the LED indication of the input module when inputting the signal, replace the input module. There are multiple modules on the expansion framework that need to be replaced, so before you replace the module, you should first check the I/O expansion cable and its connection.
3. If the input status is consistent with the LED indication of the input module, it is necessary to compare the status of the LED with the input device (button, limit switch, etc.). The two are different. Measure the input module and if any problems are found, replace the I/O device, on-site wiring, or power supply; Otherwise, replace the input module.
5. If the signal is a line stream and there is no output or the output is different from the state of the line stream, it is necessary to use a programmer to check the driver logic of the output and check the program list. The inspection should be carried out from there to left, identifying the first contact that is not connected. If the one that is not connected is an input, then follow the second and third steps to check the input point. If it is a line, then follow the fourth and fifth steps to check. To confirm that the main control relay step affects the logical operation.
6. If the signal is a timer and stops at a non-zero value less than 999.9, the CPU module needs to be replaced.
7. If this signal controls a counter, first check the logic of the control reset, and then the counter signal. Follow steps 2 to 5 above.


8440-1019 8440-2164 SPM-D1040B SPM-D2-1040B
8440-1706 8440-2165 SPM-D1115B/LSXR SPM-D2-1115B/LSXR
5448-890 8440-2166 SPM-D1010B SPM-D2-1010B
5448-906 8440-2167 SPM-D1010B/YB SPM-D2-1010B/YB
5448-893 8440-2168 SPM-D1010B/X SPM-D2-1010B/X
8440-1666 8440-2169 SPM-D1145B/LSXR SPM-D2-1145B/LSXR
8440-1871 8440-2170 SPM-D10B/PSY5-FU-D SPM-D2-10B/PSY5-FU-D
8440-1301 8440-2171 SPM-D1040B/X SPM-D2-1040B/X
8440-1667 8440-2172 SPM-D1010B/XN SPM-D2-1010B/XN
8440-1873 8440-2173 SPM-D10B/PSY5-FU-D-W SPM-D2-10B/PSY5-FU-D-W
8440-1432 8440-2174 SPM-D1010B/N SPM-D2-1010B/N
8440-1433 8440-2175 SPM-D1040B/N SPM-D2-1040B/N
8440-1021 8440-2176 SPM-D1040B/YB SPM-D2-1040B/YB
8440-1434 8440-2177 SPM-D1010B/NYB SPM-D2-1010B/NYB
8440-1435 8440-2189 SPM-D1040B/NYB SPM-D2-1040B/NYB
8440-1668 8440-2190 SPM-D1040B/XN SPM-D2-1040B/XN