3BSE053242R1 Redundant processor unit


External connections:
• Excitation current to the load cells
• 2 or 4 analog inputs for load cell signals
• 4 analog outputs, voltage or current
• 8 digital inputs for control signals
• 8 digital outputs
• +24 V supply for external units, max 0.5 A
• Ethernet connection
• Service and multiple control units
• 2 serial interfaces of type RS-232 for
external displays, control, etc.


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3BSE053242R1 Redundant processor unit

3BSE053242R1 Redundant processor unit


Modulebus scan rate 0 – 100 ms (actual time depending on number of I/O modules)
Supply current on Electrical Modulebus Supply current: Max 24 V – 1.0 A (short circuit proof, fuse 2.0 A), Max 5 V – 1.5 A (short circuit proof)
I/O capacity on PROFIBUS (remote I/O) Max 99 I/O stations (max 62 redundant I/O stations), max 24 I/O modules per I/O station (max 12
redundant I/O pairs)
Ethernet channels 2 2 2 2
Ethernet interface Ethernet (IEEE 802.3), 10 Mbit/s, RJ-45, female (8-pole)
Control Network protocol MMS (Manufacturing Message Service) and IAC (Inter Application Communication)
Recommended Control Network backbone 100 Mbit/s switched Ethernet
No. of controllers on Control Network Max 50
RS-232C interface 2 (one general, 1 for service tool)
RS-232C interface (COM3)
(non red.conf. only)
RS-232C, 75-19 200 baud, RJ-45 female (8-pole), not opto isolated, full RTS-CTS support
RS-232C interface (COM4)
(non red.conf. only)
RS-232C, 9 600 baud, RJ-45 female (8-pole), opto isolated, no RTS-CTS support
• Operating
• Storage
+5 to +55 °C (+41 to +131 °F)
-40 to +70 °C (-40 to +158 °F)
Temperature changes 3 °C/minutes according to IEC/EN 61131-2
Altitude 2000 m according to IEC/EN 61131-2
Pollution degree Degree 2 according to IEC/EN 61131-2
Corrosion protection G3 compliant to ISA 71.04
Vibration 10 < f < 50 Hz: 0.0375 mm amplitude, 50 < f < 150 Hz: 0.5 g acceleration, 5 < f < 500 Hz: 0.2 g acceleration
Emitted noise < 55 dB (A)
Shock, no package 150 m/s2
in 11 ms, 20 g in 3 ms
Relative humidity 5 to 95 %, non-condensing
Isolation voltage Type test voltage: 500 V AC (corresponding to 700 V DC)



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