Bently Nevada 3500/50M Speed card 3500 system


Part number: 3500/50M
Manufacturer: Bently Nevada
Condition: Brand new original, factory packaged
Factory warranty: 12 months


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Part number: 3500/50M
Manufacturer: Bently Nevada
Series: 3500
Input signal: -10 Vdc to+10 Vdc
Power consumption: 7.7 watts
Axis power supply: -24 Vdc
Product type: Transient Data Interface Module
Temperature: 25 degrees Celsius
Sensor power supply: -24 Vdc
Weight 0.82 kg (1.8 lb.)
Dimensions 241 mm x 24.4 mm x 242 mm
(9.50 in x 0.96 in x 9.52 in)
Supply situation: In stock
Repair: 3-7 days
Country of origin: United States



Function Description:

Additional Notes on 3500/50M Monitor Modules:

  1. Enhanced Data Sets:
    • Many channel types offer enhanced data sets, including proportional values depending on the monitor type and configuration.
    • Example: A radial vibration channel provides various proportional values such as gap voltage, 1X/2X filtered amplitude and phase, NOT 1X amplitude, and Smax.
    • ALERT alarm setpoints can be established on each proportional value, and DANGER alarm setpoints can be set on any two proportional values from each channel.
  2. 3500/60, /62, and /63 Monitor Types:
    • These monitor types do not provide front-panel buffered output connectors.
  3. Differential Expansion:
    • Standard differential expansion capabilities are provided. For ramp differential expansion and complementary input differential expansion, use the 3500/45 Position Monitor.
  4. 3500/42M Proportional Outputs:
    • The 3500/42M provides individual 4 to 20 mA proportional outputs for each channel, while the 3500/40M does not provide 4 to 20 mA outputs.
  5. Programming and Functionality:
    • Monitor channels are programmed in pairs and can perform up to two functions concurrently.
    • Channels 1 and 2 can perform one function, while channels 3 and 4 may perform another (or the same) function.
  6. Velocity and Acceleration Channels:
    • Channels configured for velocity or acceleration provide only direct amplitude.
    • Channels configured for Velocity II or Acceleration II provide 1X amplitude/phase and 2X amplitude/phase in addition to direct amplitude.
  7. Vibration Channel Configurations:
    • Vibration channels can be configured for conventional “pie-shaped” acceptance region alarms or circular acceptance regions.
  8. Case Expansion Measurements:
    • Only channels 3 and 4 can be used for Case Expansion measurements.
  9. 3500/46M Frequency Response:
    • The 3500/46M is suitable for machines with very slow rotational speeds, offering special signal conditioning for specific hydro-specific conditions.
  10. 3500/50M Overspeed Protection:
    • Not intended for use in overspeed protection applications. Use the 3500/53 instead.
  11. Zero Speed and Reverse Rotation:
    • Both Zero Speed and Reverse Rotation channel types require both channels of the 3500/50 module, making it a single-channel monitor in these configurations.
  12. 3500/53 Overspeed Detection:
    • The 3500/53 is a single-channel module intended for use in overspeed detection systems.
  13. 3500/60, 3500/61, 3500/62, 3500/64M Variants:
    • Specific details and variations exist between these monitor modules. Refer to the provided documentation or contact the factory for detailed information.
  14. 3500/64M Combustor Pressure Pulsation:
    • The 3500/64M is primarily intended for monitoring combustor pressure pulsation instabilities (“humming”) in gas turbines.

Relay Module (3500/50M):

  • The 3500/50M Relay Module offers four DPDT relays acting based on alarm conditions within 3500 monitor modules.
  • Programming allows various combinations of alarms, providing flexibility from individual channel alerts to complex Boolean expressions.
  • By adding relay modules, individual contacts for each channel, alarm type, and group of channels can be achieved for global alarm annunciation.

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