BENTLY 3500/22M 138607-02 TMR Transient Data Interface Module


BENTLY 3500/22M 138607-02
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BENTLY 3500/22M 138607-02 TMR Transient Data Interface Module

There are four emergency stop buttons on the instrument auxiliary panel: emergency stop of the main fan, safe operation of the main fan, emergency stop of the 1 # standby fan, and emergency stop of the 2 # standby fan. The function buttons are the test alarm light and confirmation alarm. The alarm light screen is at 18 o’clock.
5.3.3 Relationship between peripheral instruments, equipment and TRICON: There are a total of 83 temperature transmitters MTL3073, 4 thermocouples, and the rest are thermal resistors. The output is 4-20 mA current entering the 3700A card. The speed and displacement signals are output from BENTLY3300 to the TS3000DI card through dry contacts. Participate in unit interlocking (7 points), and output 4-20 mA signals of speed, displacement, and vibration simulation signals from BENTLY3300 into the 3700A card. Count 23 points. The power supply for the on-site transmitter is supplied by ETP. The 4-20 mA signal from DCS is an active signal. The control and indication of the butterfly valve position at the inlet of the range hood are equipped with MTL3046B isolation barriers. ESD sends out all DO points with relay isolation.
5.3.4 Composition of communication system: TRICON is equipped with dual NCM (4329 communication card), and each operating station PC is equipped with dual network cards. TRICON is connected to the operating station and engineer station through two RJ45 network cables. The communication cable length between the operation station, engineer station, and control cabinet is 15 meters. This ensures the redundancy of NCM cards, communication lines, and PCs. The communication protocol is TCP/IP. TRICON communicates with DCS through the RS485 MODBUS protocol of EICM. The communication between TRICON and S8000 is carried out through the RS232 MODBUS protocol of EICM.
5.3.5 Composition of Upper Monitoring Screen: The upper monitoring software used in this renovation adopts Wonderware Intouch monitoring software, and a total of 23 screens have been completed. The process flowchart includes: Three Unit Operation Flowchart, Three Unit Oil System, Three Unit/Backup Machine Switching, 1 # Backup Machine Operation Flowchart, 1 # Backup Machine Oil System, 2 # Backup Machine Operation Flowchart, 2 # Backup Machine Oil System, 1 # Booster Machine Flowchart, and 2 # Booster Machine Flowchart. Figure 1 shows the logic control diagram of the process flow diagram for the three units, including the start-up screen, interlocking screen 1, interlocking screen 2, standby/booster interlocking screen, and anti surge screen. Figure 2 Startup screen and Figure 3 Interlocking screen. Other screens include: Three unit set values, standby/booster set values, real-time trend, historical trend, alarm history, soft alarm light screen screen, and system maintenance screen. The switching operation of the screen can be menu driven or dynamically connected through graphics. The operator only needs to operate the screen to monitor the entire unit, which is simple and convenient to operate. The operation screen displays the status of the unit and its ancillary equipment,
Operating parameters: real-time values of pressure, temperature, flow rate, rotational speed, liquid level, etc. When the system is normal, it displays green, when an alarm occurs, it displays yellow, and when interlocked, it displays red. All controlled parameters can display the range, unit, real-time value, set value, manual/automatic operation status, and operation output value of each controlled parameter point in the screen. At the same time, display the tag number, name, occurrence time: year, month, day, hour, minute, second, and alarm or interlock value in the system.
5.3.6 Composition of Lower Programming Program: The lower programming software used in this renovation is Tristation1131 programming software based on the WINNT environment. The main control and logic programs include: allowable startup program, main fan interlocking program, fan backflow program, fan safety operation program, fan disc cooling steam control program, fan sealing pressure difference control program, fan static blade control program, fan butterfly valve interlocking logic, automatic operation logic, anti surge logic, etc.
5.4 Improvement of Logic Program: 5.4.1 Main Fan Interlocking Program: The original interlocking program was implemented by two sets of PLCs, with Siemens PLC used for the axial flow fan and Mitsubishi PLC used for the range hood. Due to the fact that they are two sets of PLCs, interlocking signals need to be transmitted between the two sets of PLCs when implementing interlocking actions, which poses difficulties in fault diagnosis and maintenance. The new interlocking logic combines the interlocking logic of the main fan and the interlocking logic of the range hood, which is intuitive and clear, that is, the interlocking cause is an OR gate relationship on each unit side, that is, any cause side acts, and all action sides act. At the same time, a soft cut-off function has been added to each interlocking signal, which plays a significant role in startup engineering and fault handling, as well as maintaining and resetting the interlocking signal. 5.4.2 Main fan startup conditions: The new startup conditions have been implemented together, which is intuitive and clear, that is, the startup condition side is related to the door, that is, the reason side is qualified, and the action side is qualified. After being allowed to start, the startup screen will pop up with the “High temperature gate valve at the inlet of the range hood is allowed to open” and the “Main air static blade unlocking” dialog box.


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