Bently Nevada 3500/15 127610-99 Eddy Current Sensor System


Part number: 3500/15 127610-99
Manufacturer: Bently Nevada
Condition: Brand new original, factory packaged
Factory warranty: 12 months


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Part number: 3500/15 127610-99
Manufacturer: Bently Nevada
Series: 3500
Input signal: -10 Vdc to+10 Vdc
Power consumption: 7.7 watts
Axis power supply: -24 Vdc
Product type: Transient Data Interface Module
Temperature: 25 degrees Celsius
Sensor power supply: -24 Vdc
Weight 0.82 kg (1.8 lb.)
Dimensions 9.50 in x 0.96 in x 3.90 in
Supply situation: In stock
Repair: 3-7 days
Country of origin: United States



Function Description:

The 3500/15 AC and DC Power Supplies are integral components in the 3500 Series Machinery Protection System, providing essential power to the rack for seamless operation. Designed as half-height modules, these power supplies offer versatility and reliability, ensuring uninterrupted power delivery to support the monitoring modules.

Key Features:

  1. Installation and Placement:
    • Half-height modules installed in designated slots on the left side of the rack.
    • The rack can accommodate one or two power supplies with various combinations of AC and DC.
    • Either supply can power a full rack.
  2. Primary and Backup Configuration:
    • When two power supplies are installed, the lower slot serves as the primary supply, and the upper slot functions as the backup supply.
    • The backup supply ensures continuous operation in case of a failure in the primary supply.
  3. Hot Swappable Design:
    • Removing or inserting either power supply module does not disrupt the rack’s operation, provided a second power supply is installed.
    • Hot swappable capability ensures minimal downtime during maintenance.
  4. Input Voltage Flexibility:
    • Accepts a wide range of input voltages, converting them to voltages compatible with other 3500 modules.
    • Adaptable to various power input conditions, enhancing compatibility in diverse environments.

Available Power Supply Options:

  1. Universal AC Power:
    • Provides flexible and universal AC power for the 3500 Series Machinery Protection System.
  2. High Voltage DC Power Supply:
    • Delivers high voltage DC power for specific requirements within the monitoring system.
  3. Low Voltage DC Power Supply:
    • Supplies low voltage DC power to meet the needs of the monitoring modules.

Conclusion: The 3500/15 AC and DC Power Supplies play a crucial role in maintaining the operational integrity of the 3500 Series Machinery Protection System. With their half-height design, primary and backup configuration, and hot-swappable capability, these power supplies contribute to the overall reliability and resilience of the monitoring system. The flexibility to choose from various power supply options ensures compatibility with different input conditions, making them essential components for continuous and reliable machinery protection.

Spare parts:
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137495-01 Firmware IC (Odd bank)
137494-01 Firmware IC (Even bank)
136180-01 3500/92 Communication Gateway Module.
125736-01 ModbusRS232/RS422 I/O Module.
133323-01 ModbusRS485 I/O Module.
136188-01 Ethernet/RS232 ModbusI/O Module *
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