Bently Nevada 3500/05 Differential Expansion Sensor System


Part number: 3500/05
Manufacturer: Bently Nevada
Condition: Brand new original, factory packaged
Factory warranty: 12 months


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Part number: 3500/05
Manufacturer: Bently Nevada
Series: 3500
Input signal: -10 Vdc to+10 Vdc
Power consumption: 7.7 watts
Axis power supply: -24 Vdc
Product type: Transient Data Interface Module
Temperature: 25 degrees Celsius
Sensor power supply: -24 Vdc
Weight 0.82 kg (1.8 lb.)
Dimensions 9.50 in x 0.96 in x 3.90 in
Supply situation: In stock
Repair: 3-7 days
Country of origin: United States



Function Description:

The 3500 System rack serves as the central hub for housing all 3500 monitor modules and rack power supplies. This well-designed structure enables seamless communication among various modules and efficient power distribution, ensuring optimal functionality of the monitoring system. With different rack sizes and formats available, users have flexibility in choosing a configuration that best suits their monitoring needs.

Rack Sizes:

  1. Full-size Rack:
    • Dimensions: 19-inch EIA rack with 14 available module slots.
  2. Mini-Rack:
    • Dimensions: 12-inch rack with 7 available module slots.

Rack Formats:

  1. Panel Mount:
    • Mounts to rectangular cut-outs in panels.
    • Secures to the panel using clamps supplied with the rack.
    • Wiring connections and I/O modules are accessible from the rear of the rack.
  2. Rack Mount:
    • Mounts the 3500 rack on 19-inch EIA rails.
    • Wiring connections and I/O modules are accessible from the rear of the rack.
  3. Bulkhead Mount:
    • Mounts the rack against a wall or panel.
    • Wiring connections and I/O modules are accessible from the front of the rack.
    • Note: The 3500/05 Mini-Rack is not available in the bulkhead mount format.

Rack Configuration Guidelines:

  1. Placement of Power Supplies and Rack Interface Module:
    • Must occupy the far-left rack positions.
  2. Available Rack Positions:
    • The remaining 14 rack positions (7 for the Mini-Rack) are available for any combination of modules.
  3. Internal Barriers:
    • If internal barriers are planned for installation, refer to document part number 141495-01, Specifications and Ordering Information for 3500 Internal Barriers.

Conclusion: The 3500 System rack design is a critical element in ensuring the efficient operation of the monitoring system. Users can choose from different rack sizes and formats, providing flexibility in configuration based on specific monitoring requirements. The guidelines for power supply and module placement, along with considerations for internal barriers, contribute to the overall reliability and functionality of the 3500 System.

Spare parts:
04425545 Grounding Wrist Strap (single use)
137495-01 Firmware IC (Odd bank)
137494-01 Firmware IC (Even bank)
136180-01 3500/92 Communication Gateway Module.
125736-01 ModbusRS232/RS422 I/O Module.
133323-01 ModbusRS485 I/O Module.
136188-01 Ethernet/RS232 ModbusI/O Module *
136188-02 Ethernet/RS485 ModbusI/O Module *