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125840-02 Bently Nevada has sufficient supply of goods

The 3300 XL 11mm eddy current sensor system consists of the following components:
3300 XL 11mm probe
3300 XL 11 m extension cable
3300 XL 11mm Proximitor
For non-contact vibration and displacement measurement of sliding bearing machines, the 3300 XL11mm eddy current sensor system has an output sensitivity of 3.94 V/mm (100 mV/mil). Expanding the probe diameter to 11 millimeters gives this sensor system a larger linear range compared to our standard 3300 XL 8mm sensor system. It is mainly used for the following measurements that require a large linear range:
Measurement of shaft displacement (thrust)
Measurement of inclined expansion difference of steam turbine
Measurement of piston rod displacement or sinking in reciprocating compressors
• Measurement of speed and zero speed
Reference phase (keyphase) ® ) Signal
The design of the 3300 XL 11mm Proximitor is intended to replace the 7200 series 11mm and 14mm sensor systems. When the 7200 series system is upgraded to a 3300 XL 11mm system, every component must be replaced with a 3300 XL 11mm component. In addition, the monitoring system also needs to be upgraded. If using the 3500 monitoring system, an upgraded version of the configuration software is required, which is compatible with the 3300 XL 11mm sensor system. The existing 3300 monitoring system may need to be modified. If you need assistance, please contact your local sales and service representative.
Application suggestion: The 3300 XL 11mm eddy current sensor is designed for displacement or vibration measurement in the frequency range of 0 to 8kHz. Typical applications include radial vibration and displacement, axial displacement, and key phase measurement. Although the terminals and connectors of the preamplifier have electrostatic discharge protection functions, reasonable preventive measures should also be taken to prevent electrostatic discharge during the processing.
The 3300 XL 11mm preamplifier has the same advantages as the 3300 XL 8mm preamplifier. Its exquisite design allows users to install it on high-density DIN rail devices or traditional panels. The improved RFI/EMI anti-interference performance allows the 3300 XL preamplifier to obtain European CE standard approval without any consideration during installation, and also prevents it from being interfered by nearby high-frequency radio signals. The spring positioning terminal on the preamplifier makes on-site wiring more convenient and fast without the need for special installation tools, making it very sturdy and reliable.
Eddy current probe and extension cable
The 3300 XL 11mm probe comes in various specifications, including armored and non armored ½- 20, \8541-18, M14 X 1.5 and M16 X 1.5 probe threads. The standard 3300 XL 11mm probe for reverse installation is equipped with either -24 or M10 X 1 threads. All components of the sensor system have ClickLocTM gold-plated copper connectors. The ClickLoc connector is locked to prevent loose connections. The TipLocTM patented mold technology provides a secure connection between the probe end and the probe body. Using our patented CableLocTM design, the probe cable is securely attached to the end of the probe, capable of withstanding a tensile force of 330N (75 pounds). FluidLoc can also be selected when ordering 3300 XL probes and extension cables ® Cable. This type of cable can prevent oil or other liquids from leaking from inside the cable to the outside of the machine. The joint protector option provides additional protection for joints in humid environments. It is recommended to use joint protectors for all installations, which can provide more environmental protection. In addition, the 3300 XL 11mm comes with a standard locking nut with a safety wire hole.
Explanation: The preamplifier has been calibrated with AISI 4140 steel when it leaves the factory. Other target materials can also be calibrated according to customer requirements. For 3300 XL extension cables, silicone tape can be chosen instead of joint protectors. But it is not recommended to use silicone tape when the probe extension cable connection is exposed to the unit oil.


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