125760-01 RIM Configuration Physical Configuration


Part number: 125760-01
Manufacturer: Bently Nevada
Condition: Brand new original, factory packaged
Factory warranty: 12 months

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Part number: 125760-01
Manufacturer: Bently Nevada
Series: 3500
Input signal: -10 Vdc to+10 Vdc
Power consumption: 7.7 watts
Axis power supply: -24 Vdc
Product type: Transient Data Interface Module
Temperature: 25 degrees Celsius
Sensor power supply: -24 Vdc
Weight 0.82 kg (1.8 lb.)
Dimensions 9.50 in x 0.96 in x 3.90 in
Supply situation: In stock
Repair: 3-7 days
Country of origin: United States



Function Description:

Overview of Rack Interface Module (RIM) for 3500 System:

The Rack Interface Module (RIM) serves as the primary interface to the 3500 rack, playing a crucial role in configuring the rack and retrieving machinery information. Here are key details about the RIM:

  1. Location and Slot:
    • The RIM must be positioned in slot 1 of the rack, adjacent to the power supplies.
  2. Communication Protocol:
    • Supports a proprietary protocol utilized for configuring the rack and retrieving machinery information.
  3. Compatibility:
    • Works seamlessly with compatible Bently Nevada external communications processors like TDXnet, TDIX, and DDIX.
  4. Critical Monitoring Path:
    • While the RIM supports functions common to the entire rack, it is not part of the critical monitoring path. It does not impact the proper, normal operation of the overall monitoring system.
  5. Quantity Requirement:
    • One RIM is required per rack.
  6. Triple Modular Redundant (TMR) Applications:
    • In TMR applications, a TMR version of the RIM is necessary.
    • Beyond standard RIM functions, the TMR RIM conducts “monitor channel comparison.”
    • TMR configuration involves monitor voting, comparing outputs from three redundant monitors.
    • If the TMR RIM detects a configured percent difference between one monitor and the other two, it flags the monitor as in error and logs an event in the System Event List.

Conclusion: The Rack Interface Module (RIM) serves as a vital component in the 3500 System, ensuring effective configuration and data retrieval for machinery monitoring. While not directly affecting the critical monitoring path, it plays a key role in facilitating communication and maintaining system integrity, especially in Triple Modular Redundant (TMR) applications.

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