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0010-57526 Industrial Parts – Supply

0010-57526 Industrial Parts – Supply

Intelligent Knowledge – There are so many devices in the semiconductor production process (1)
The semiconductor industry has surpassed traditional steel and automotive industries and become a high value-added and high-tech industry in the 21st century. Semiconductors are the core of many industrial equipment and are widely used in core fields such as computers, consumer electronics, network communication, and automotive electronics.

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Semiconductors mainly have four components: integrated circuits, optoelectronic devices, discrete devices, and sensors; Integrated circuits are the core of the semiconductor industry, accounting for over 80%. Integrated circuits include logic chips, memory chips, analog chips, and mpus. The rapid development of integrated circuits in terms of performance, integration, speed, and other aspects is based on the development of semiconductor physics, semiconductor devices, and semiconductor manufacturing processes.

The semiconductor industry has such a huge market, and semiconductor process equipment provides a manufacturing foundation for large-scale semiconductor manufacturing. The integration and miniaturization of semiconductor devices in the future will inevitably be higher, with stronger functions. The main equipment in the semiconductor production process is attached below.

The software of the DCS system is divided into two types: operating software and configuration programming software. The operation software is installed on the operator station and controlled by ordinary operators to control production line equipment and process parameters. The configuration programming software is installed on the engineer station to achieve the design, configuration, and maintenance of the DCS system. The first four points in the DCS components are the foundation of a DCS system, and software is the soul of a DCS system. Software that is easy to operate, beautiful, safe, easy to learn, and meets the production needs of users is a qualified DCS system software.

1. The automatic control system for steaming and boiling undergoes delignification reactions in the chips under high temperature, high pressure, and strong alkali, separating the fiber cells (pulp) from the chips. The cooking process mainly controls alkali liquor metering, cooking temperature rise curve, automatic small steam release, H factor and K value prediction, in order to achieve stable and optimized cooking process. The general cooking methods are divided into ball steaming, vertical pot steaming, or continuous steaming. Main control functions: ◆ Cooking liquid preparation control; ◆ Control of cooking temperature rise curve; Cooking pressure alarm; ◆ Detect the H-factor and automatically compensate for the cooking endpoint; When the boiler air pressure is lower than the control value, the cooking time is automatically compensated.
▲ Automatic control of steam ball cooking and control of cooking liquid preparation· Control of cooking temperature rise curve· Cooking pressure alarm· Detect the H-factor and automatically control the cooking endpoint· When the pressure of the steam bulb is lower than the control value, the cooking time is automatically compensated.
Automatic control of vertical pot cooking, preparation control of cooking solution, and heating curve control of cooking· Small steam release control· Detect the H-factor and automatically control the cooking endpoint.
▲ Continuous cooking automatic control · Cooking liquid preparation control· Feed metering control· Anti spray control· Cooking pressure and temperature control· Detect the H-factor and control the liquid level of the cooking riser.

2. Automatic control system screening for washing and bleaching: The heavy impurities and uncooked coarse residue in the cooked coarse pulp are separated and removed through pressure screening to obtain pure and good pulp. The screening process mainly controls the slurry concentration, screening pressure difference, and slag discharge amount. Washing: Using vacuum displacement washing or press displacement washing methods to separate the wastewater (black liquor) from the pulp and obtain clean and good pulp for bleaching; The separated high concentration and high temperature black liquor is used for alkali recovery system to recover cooking chemicals. Usually, vacuum pulp washing machines or press pulp washing machines are used to control the feed concentration, the liquid level of the pulp washing machine and black liquor tank, the amount and temperature of clean water. Bleaching: Use chlorine containing bleach (chlorine gas, hypochlorite) or chlorine free bleach (oxygen, hydrogen peroxide) to destroy and dissolve the lignin chromogenic groups in the washed pulp. The bleaching process mainly controls the dosage of the solution, reaction temperature, pressure, pulp concentration, and pH value to achieve stable pulp whiteness while reducing fiber degradation, reducing raw material waste and environmental pollution.
▲ Automatic control of screening · Concentration and flow control of the screening system· Control of slag removal rate in screening system· Control of dilution water volume in the screening system· Control of pressure difference between inlet and outlet of screening equipment· Screening equipment self flushing operation and equipment interlocking control.